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Most calories a burned off by sweating

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Q: In one day the majority of calories that you burn comes from?
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How many calories burn in bowflex excersise?

how many calories do you burn a day exeriersing 30 mins a day with a bowflex.

How many calories can you burn in 1 day?

15,000 calories

What exircise do you need to take to burn 2500 calories a day?

there isn't an excersise you can do to burn 2500 calories in a day! if you excersised constantly all day which is impossible almost you would burn saround 1000

How many calories do you burn a day without trying?

you don't burn any, you'll get more calories instead

Can you burn calories from the day before?

yes, this is how people lose weight. you burn more calories than you intake, which means since there are no more calories to burn of this day, they take those that are stored (or from the days/time before today) and burn those. to lose weight.

How many calories do you burn doing supreme 90 day?

1000 calories

What will help to burn calories after one bad eating day?

Cardio exercise is a good way to burn off calories.

What happens if the calories you eat are equal to the calories you need per day?

If you eat the same number of calories per day that are equal to the calories you need per day you would maintain your weight. To lose weight you must consume less calories then you burn. To gain weight you must consume more calories you burn. Most humans will burn 2800 calories even in the most sedentary state.

How do you burn 15000 calories a day?

Climb Everest.

Can you burn calories by shaking your leg all day?

Yes. You can burn calories just sitting on the couch. That is if you are not feeding your face. Minimal calories burned though.

How any calories should a male gymnast have a day?

since they burn loads of calories 2600 calories

How can you keep track of calories that you burn?

There are several tools out there now that allow you to keep track of the calories you burn in a day. There are armbands that you can wear all day long and it will track calories you burn during any activity, no matter how mild, from sleeping to running.