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Nuke Boosting

It is when two buddies go into Free-For-All, find a secluded part of the map, and has one person lay down Tactical Insertions, so the other person can kill that person, using silenced weapons, enough times so that they can get a nuke. It can get you banned, so don't do it, please. theres already enough nuke boosters out there. If you boost, the Booster Hunters (me being one of them) will find you and ban you.

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Q: In Call of Duty MW2 what is a Nuke Booster?
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Did captain price set off a nuke in MW2?


How do you get fake nuke emblem in mw2?

you need to get 5 tactical nukes

Do you get nukes in Call of Duty Black Ops?

No, sorry. They have a map called Nuketown, which is based off of old nuclear testing sights, that gets blown up at the end of every match you play but you can't use any nuke's like in MW2.

What level do you unlock the tactical nuke in cod mw2?

You unlock the Tactical Nuke at level 51 or 52. You can unlock the Nuke at whatever level that you like, as long as in that level, you are aloud to unlock it. Like, at level.... 15, lets say, you can unlock any of the killstreak rewards, even the Nuke! hope this helps!

What happens in call of duty 4 after the nuke?

Well, when the nuke is set off, ( Makarov is the one who did this) in 2012, it kills basiclly everyone exept for Makarov and Yuri. In MW3, you know before this is explained in the mission: Blood Brothers, That Yuri knew Makarov. When you are Let. Price, back when he was't Captain yet, when you snipe Imran Zahkea, Supposeovlly in one of the trucks, is Makarov and Yuri. Back into the explaination in MW3. When Price now knows that Yuri "betrayed" them, he is extreamly mad. Yuri explains the rest of the story, leading into the third mission of MW2. HE explains that before they set out to kill everyone, that Makarov knew that Yuri betrayed HIM. So Makarov shoots Yuri, in the stomach, thinking he is dead. He is not, but gets replaced by undercover CIA agent, Prv. Allen. They go through the airpost, leading to the end where Makarov shoots Allen, killing him. But before this, Yuri makes it to the elevator just in time, and is found by medics, that find out he is still alive. When Price hears the whole story, he is still mad a Yuri, but lets him live.

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