In Bakugan can you get a pyrus dragonoid?

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2008-11-23 17:03:00

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Yes you can. I have one. They are very rare.

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2008-11-23 17:03:00
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Q: In Bakugan can you get a pyrus dragonoid?
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What is the bakugan that comes with Dragonoid Destroyer?

pyrus commandix dragonoid

What is the name of the Bakugan dan has in the Bakugan battle brawlers?

Pyrus Dragonoid

Who is your gaurdian bakugan in bakugan defenders of the core?

pyrus neo dragonoid

What is the most powerful Bakugan?

pyrus lumno dragonoid

What form is drago in from bakugan new vestroia?

Pyrus Neo Dragonoid

What is the DNA code for pyrus helix dragonoid?

The DNA code for every bakugan is different. When you enter a code online for bakugan dimensions, you get that bakugan online. Lets say you buy a pyrus helix dragonoid. You enter his code and you unlock him as an online bakugan to brawl with. Then, lets say you buy another pyrus helix dragonoid, and you enter his code. You won't unlock another pyrus helix dragonoid, but you'll make the one you already have unlocked stronger and add on more G's to him.

What Bakugan are there?

Some bakugan that I know of are dragonoid, tigrerra, delta dragonoid, bee striker, pyrus, gorem, hammer gorem, wormquake, and blade tigrerra.

Can you get Dragonoid in Bakugan?

yesssss.but you have to beat dan in the park,and when you see ''if you beat dan with ONLY pyrus bakugan you will get it

What bakugan has the highest g power?

a 2009 dragonoid pyrus with 950 g

How do you get a dragonoid in bakugan battle brawlers games?

battle dan in the park with only pyrus bakugan. (may not work)

What is the DNA code for pyrus quake dragonoid?

Every bakugan has a different DNA code. Even the same bakugan.

How many Gs does Maxus dragonoid?

4450 Gs for all pyrus bakugan with gold horns neo dragonoid and the spyder

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