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i miscarried at 14 weeks then again at 5 weeks my second miscarriage ended just the same way your symptoms are at the moment. the only way to be sure is to go to your g.p have them take a blood test then again 2 days later to see if your hcg levels are dropping. i am very sorry if you have miscarried it is a very hard and difficult thing to over come the pain will get easier with time

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Q: Im approx 4 weeks pregnant and have period type bleeding and cramping but not as bad could this be sign of miscarriage?
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Has anyone became pregnant after taking Apo Bromcriptine for Hyperprolactin?

Yes, became pregnant twice. The first time I became pregnant after 5 months of starting bromocriptine therapy. I stopped taking the medications, and i had a miscarriage at 11 weeks. Now I have been taking the medication for six months and iam approx. 4 weeks pregnant.

You have been pregnant for 4 weeks had blackish minimal bleeding from 2 days ago lasted for 1 hour now having closed cervix and dry and there is no bleeding at all what is the blackish bleeding?

This sounds a lot like implantation bleeding. While an EPT has detected hcg levels in your urine, indicating pregnancy, it usually takes between 6-14 days for the embryo to implant in your uterus. For many women, they mistake it for their period/ miscarriage (if you already know you are pregnant). I have had 2 miscarriages and the bleeding was heavy, bright red and accompanied by clots and cramps. I am pregnant again (8 weeks) and this time I had implantation bleeding right around my period time (approx 4 weeks). It was dark and minimal, lasting only about 30 mins. I just had my first fetal ultrasound and I have a healthy baby with a heartbeat! So don't worry too much. The only thing you can do at this point is wait it out, perhaps take another EPT in a few days or get your hcg levels taken by your doctor, and hope for the best.

How long are gray wolves pregnant?

Gray wolfs are pregnant for approx 60 to 63 days

How long are dog's pregnant for?

About 59 - 63 days or approx. 9 weeks from the breeding.

When are you most prone to get pregnant?

around ovulation time and approx 2 days before that

If your period was 2 weeks late and lasted for 7 days and then on day 8 you started having a brown discharge which lasted for a further 2 days Could this be implantation bleeding?

I had a very similar experience and ended up having a miscarriage. My period was about 2 weeks late and I had that brown discharge along with cramps for about 2 weeks before I took a test. A week later I went to the hospital and found out I miscarried. I was approx. 5-6 weeks along. If you don't want to risk a miscarriage get to the doctor NOW!

Could you get pregnant if you have been on the pill three years but not taken it proply an getting light bleeding when you have the weeks break?

Any woman can get pregnant on the pill - It isn't 100% effective even if you take it properly. If you haven't been taking it properly, you're even more susceptible to falling pregnant if having sex. The pill makes your bleeding lighter, so I'm not sure that lighter spotting has much to do with the predictability of getting pregnant. If you want to take the pill and don't want to get pregnant, you should use it properly and use a condom. Take the pill at the same time each day. Be aware that taking antibiotics can make the pill useless for the time you are taking them + approx. two weeks. You should always use a condom, regardless.

How long does a she-wolf stay pregnant?

anywhere from 60 to 63 days. ^ That's approx 2 months.

How long does a Scardox Alien stay Pregnant for?

five mins approx na it takes about 5 years

Does implantation only consist of blood?

Approx.5-6 days after ovualtion, the fertilized egg will implant into the wall of the uterus. This causes light bleeding/spoting for 1-3 days, the bleeding will be much lighter than a period.

I haven't been on my period for approx 40 days now should I be worried?

Depends if you want to be pregnant. If not you should be worried...

You took E Molly while you were approx 5 weeks pregnant but didn't know you were pregnant I'm 35 yrs old what harm to your unborn child may you have caused?

Depends on the dose, but the first thing you need to do is see your doctor immediately. Possible effects on fetus include miscarriage, disfiguration, developmental problems, and all kinds of nasty, or nothing at all.See your doctor.Be glad for universal health care. If you don't have universal health care in your glad for insurance?