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It's common. It's caused by odema (swelling, water retention) that put pressure on the nerves that go through the arm and hand. That is what causes pins, needles and pain. See your doctor and get a splint to wear.

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Q: Im 19 weeks 2 days pregnant and get pins and needles in your Left arm and hand Is this normal?
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How many weeks are you pregnant if you have 7 weeks and 6 days left?

Normal pregnancy is 40 weeks (37 to 42 weeks is accepted as normal) 40 - 8 weeks = 32 weeks - 1 day = 31 weeks 6 days

Is it normal to have numbness in left leg at 12 weeks pregnant?

I am not sure but I am 12 weeks 2 days and I get numb at the top of my right leg when I am trying to sleep it is quite annoying!

How many weeks do you have left if im 27 weeks pregnant?


I am 76 days pregnant how many weeks have you got left?

If you are 76 days pregnant, you have about 28 weeks to go.

You are 6 weeks pregnant and am having a pain on left side of stomace is this normal?

im 5+ weeks pregnant and ive got cramps on the left side of my abdominal but im not bleeding im 5+ weeks pregnant and ive got cramps on the left side of my abdominal but im not bleeding Hi there and Congrats. I am 4 weeks pregnant and experiencing cramping on my left side. As far as I know it is normal but you should always say it to you doctor to rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant how many months and days do you have left?

You have roughly 14 weeks left because pregnancy lasts 40 weeks

How many more weeks left in a pregnancy if 6 weeks pregnant?

Whether pregnant or not, 6 weeks is approximately 1.5 months.

You are 22 weeks pregnant and you have a pain on the lower left side of your stomach Is this normal Is the baby leaning on an organ Please answer?

At 22 weeks this pain could be almost anything. It may be unrelated to pregnancy. You really need to consult your doctor.

When will you be 6months pregnant?

Another 7 months, 4 weeks and 4 days left for you to due.

You are 11 weeks pregnant with slight cramping on your left side is it normal for the cervix to feel open?

As far as I know, if your cervix is open, a miscarriage is inevitable. I could be wrong, but that's the way it was explained to me. I've had one miscarriage in the past.

23 weeks pregnant and im feeling pain right under my left breast but not on my breast at the beginning of your stomach area is this normal?

Maybe it is heartburn. It could also be a regular stomach ache if it isn't constant or just happened once.

You are 3234 weeks pregnant with 3rd child and left ingnial hernia again and baby breech What will the surgeon decide to do?

Ask him/her