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Q: How many weeks do you have left if im 27 weeks pregnant?
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How many months is 27 weeks pregnant?

27 weeks pregnant starts the first week of your 7th month. The 7th month consist of weeks 27-30.

If you are 27 weeks pregnant then how many months are you?

6 months 3 weeks

How many months pregnant are you when you are 27 weeks pregnant?

5 1/2

How many weeks pregnant are you if your due date is Oct 12?

Today (13th July 2008), you will be roughly 27 weeks pregnant

When you are 27 weeks pregnant how many months is that?

out of 36 weeks you almost reached 27 weeks remaining 9 weeks you may expect baby.27 weeks means almost 7 months

If you were 23 weeks pregnant on your ultrasound and went back 4 weeks later how many weeks should you be?

if you are 23 weeks pregnant , then go back 4 weeks later you should be 27 weeks pregnant. Almost 7 months.

How many months are you when you are 27 weeks pregnant?

As pregnancy generally lasts 39 weeks, 27 weeks would be 27/39 of 9 months. 27/39 = 0.692 and multiplying that by 9 we get 6.23 - or 6 months 1 week

How many weeks is 27 weeks?


How many weeks are you if your due date is dec 27?

Today (November 14th) you are roughly 33 weeks and 6 days pregnant

How many months is twenty eight weeks pregnant?

Um there are 4 weeks in a month so 27/4 = 6.75 so Six and three quarter months pregnant...YAY MATH!

If you are 29 weeks pregnant how many months is that?

Actually you are not less than 6 months, you are 7 months and two weeks. Month 7 consist of weeks 27-30. Because they are actually pregnant for 10 months not 9.

Should i take steriods at 27 weeks pregnant?

You should take steroids at 27 weeks pregnant if they are prescribed by your doctor for inflammation. You should not take illegal drugs or any other drugs not prescribed by your doctor.

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