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that's huge

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2011-09-12 22:40:27
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Q: Im 13 and have got 36C breasts is this big or small?
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Who got big breasts?

Kennedy does lol or (teehee guess who)

Has she got big breasts?

No rebbeca black's boobs are tiny

Has vanessa hudgens got big breasts?

yes, very big ones. is it really big?

Why do men love big breasts?

So you got something to look at when you're talking to them. Hi-yo

What does it mean when a boy looks at your breasts?

It goes hard And He Masy Like U And He Like That U Got big boobs.

Can yogurt make your breasts grow or get bigger?

Not unless you stuff your bra with it. There is nothing you can eat or drink to make them bigger.

How did nirvana start?

They were just a band in seatte that got a small start and evntually got big

Where do you get big breasts?

A: Actually it's from the family line heredity. All my sisters & my mom have small boobs except me. I ask how? My grandma has big boobs and so I got it through her "connective" gene line. The other way is with plastic surgery. There are no exercises, lotions, or supplements that work.

Are big and rich still together?

Big Got Small And Rich Went Broke ROFL!

Why married women have big size breast?

Women can have big breasts not just married women. Most likely did they ahve big ones before the wedding or they got bigger during pregnancy.

What are the perfect breasts?

There are none. Some people like bigger breasts, some prefer smaller, some like firmer, some like softer, some like fatter, etc. etc. Obviously the above goes for females and males preference. Unfortunately in today's society you, people seem to claim their breasts are too big or too small. Be happy with what you've got. :)

Does Selena Gomez big breasts?

shes got regular sized boobs but they are really hot. I would pay to be her bra or shirt.

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