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The best way to get a woman pregnant is right after her period. A woman is most fertile during this period. Her eggs are ready to be fertilized.

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2009-10-26 02:28:43
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Q: If your wife is a big woman what is the best way to get her pregnant?
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Why are pregnant woman's nipple big?

For the baby to hatch on

How big is a uterus?

The uterus of a non-pregnant woman is only as big as a small fist.

How do you know if your penis is big to get your wife pregent?

All sizes can get you pregnant.

Who is the woman on the real housewives of ALT pregnant by?

big pop pa

How many percent of married man leave his pregnant wife?

AS far as I know married man with a pregnant wife who's having an affair, hardly leave their wife. I guess only one percent of married man do leave their pregnant wife for a reason that they are not ready for big responsibilities of parenthood.

Can Big woman get pregnant?

Sure it happens. of course pregnancy itself piles on weight.

What is the big news that buddy valastro's wife has to tell him?

That she is pregnant are all the three kids from this marriage?

Is it a woman's responsibility to protect herself from getting pregnant?

not only hers!both have this responsibility,if you don;t want to be a big big big family.

What is three other beliefs associated with pregnant women?

pregnant woman believe that when their belly's are big their husbands or their boyfriends don't want them anymore

Why aren't babies big?

A full-term pregnant woman in childbirth who is working to push a baby out would tell you they are very big.

How big is a baby in a woman who is 3 months pregnant?

the baby is about the size of a fig or 1 in a half centimeters long not very big

Is it unusual for me as a woman to be thinking about trying to get fat after I have my baby because I love my big pregnant belly?

No, its not. If you like your big pregnant belly so much, then just get pregnant again. Your so silly. Nooo!! I don't want to get pregnant again, I just want the belly!!

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