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If I were you, I would make an appointment with a doctor. They have better tests to give you to test for pregnancy. And if it just you missing your period for some reason, they can determine that too.

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Q: If your period is almost 2 weeks late and you took a pregnancy test yesterday afternoon and it came up negative should you wait and take it again at the end of the week?
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Can pregnancy symptons start 3 weeks after conception?

The pregnancy symptoms may or may not start by three weeks of conceptions. But the urine test of pregnancy is almost always positive by this time. You can repeat the same after three days, if negative. By that time it should be almost invariably positive.

2 negative pregnancy tests having a few pregnancy symptoms along with abdominal movements I am on Mirena and I haven't had a period in almost 2 yrs can I be pregnant?

your not suppose to get your period when your on that

Which means almost the same as nation?


Could you be pregnant if you had your tubes tied over thirteen years ago with tender nipples and period almost a month late with two negative home pregnancy test showing negative?

Does a pregnancy test read negative when you have a ectopic pregnancy?

No. It will still show as pregnant. Of course everyone is different, but I took two and almost immediately it said I was pregnant. A week later I found out it was ectopic.

What if you have negative results but still have pregnancy symptoms?

I'm the one who posted this question me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex last month it's been almost right at a month and I took home pregnancy tests and they were negative. I have all the symptom's though the fatigue, breast tenderness, I had spotting I know it was that because it was brown. So could I be pregnant even with negative results from home pregnancy tests?

You are 37 years old you have a regular 28 day cycle Almost like clock work you are 8 days late you took two pregnancy tests One yesterday one today they are negative Could you be starting menopause?

AS both the tests were negative then at 38 you must have more likely havig a late period this time. As menopause start after mid forties only.

I went to the dr's appointment 4 days ago and pregnancy test came back negative but i am almost 2months late but i am experiencing signs of pregnancy i need help ......?

take another pregnancy test but this time take more than ONE!

Could you be pregnant if you haven't had a period for almost two months and have been having pregnancy symptoms but an hpt was negative?

There are times when women have had their period all through their pregnancy but since your HPT test is still negative your are probably not pregnant. If you are still concerned talk to your doctor they will help explain everything to you.

You are almost 4 months late and you have taken serveral pregnancy test but they have all been negative What would you do?

go to the doctors and get a blood test. sometimes if you do a HPT too soon or wrong it can come out negative. the best way to tell is to get a blood test that can better tell the levels of the pregnancy hormone (:

Can levothyroxin give a false reading on a pregnancy test?

No, pregnancy tests are specifically looking for hCG. A false positive is almost unheard of, a false negative usually happens when testing too soon - but neither are caused by levothyroxin.

How many month is in 35 weeks of pregnancy?

it will be almost nine months of pregnancy

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