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Q: If your 12 years old you get pregnant by fingering?
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Does Amy ever get pregnant in sonic?

She's 12 years old.

Can a 12 years old boy can make a girl pregnant?


CAN 12 year old girls get pregnant by fingering themselves?

No, Ive done it before. Just make sure your hands are washed or you’re in the bath. You can’t get pregnant, only if semen gets into your vagina, only from a male, though.

Im 12 years old is it normal that im lactating?

depends if your pregnant or not?

How old was Dr.seuss when he started his career?

12 years old 12 years old 12 years old 12 years old 12 years old

Can 12 year old be pregnant?

Yes, a 12 year old may be able to be pregnant.

What if im 12 years old and pregnant?

if you are 12 years old and pregnant then i strongly advise you to if you not have done this yet to tell a parent or a adult that you trust and ask them because different outcomes are recommended for different situations but i recommend that you have the baby and if not adoption then raise it with a trusted adults help

How old do you have to be to become a parent?

If you can get pregnant you can be a parent. There are children that have children at 12-18 years old so there isn't exactly a way to prevent it.

What should you do if you're only 12 years old and you find out you're 3 months pregnant?

deal with it or have an abortion.

What is the fingering for E on the trumpet?

On a standard Bb trumpet, the fingering for C is open.

Should you want to touch your boyfriend all over when you are only 14 years old?

have you had sex then yes and yes all the time yes! that can be natural. i myself am a lesbian and started fingering my girlfriend when i was 12

Can a 17 year old get charged for fingering a 12 year old in nebraska?

Yes as it's classed as minor rape and why would you do that it's disgusting