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This is an issue that I don't think many people are aware of, you can be "psychologically" pregnant. If you want it badly enough or are scared of it enough your body will do very weird things. So yes, you could have a lapse in your period even if your not really pregnant. Good luck with whatever turn out that you want.

This is a very good explanation of causes and treatment of 'psychological' or 'phantom' pregnancy.

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Q: If you were just psychologically pregnant would it go so far as to stop your period for months?
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How many months pregnant would you be if your last period was in December?

if you have not had a period since then you could be 2 1/2 months pregnant, you can get a pregnancy test kit at the drugstore

If you have protected sex then have your period two months in a row are you pregnant?

No. That would not be possible.

Would you be pregnant if you didnt had your period for 4 months and you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms?


How many months would you know that you're pregnant?

With in a week of your missed period that you can know that you are pregnant or not. Please consult the doctor for help.

How late would your period be if im pregnant?

You would not have your period if you are pregnant.

Why do you see systoms of pregnant for the first month and get period on the next month?

would you be pregnet if you havent had your period for 3 months now

Can I have a period at 5 months and still be pregnant?

Yes I would have to say because when I was pregnant for my third son I had one until my fourth month and I knew I was pregnant in my second.

When you get pregnant how many months is it before you miss your period?

Zero. Having a period means you've discharged the ova. If you are pregnant this would not happen unless there's a miscarriage. Most women have no periods after they get pregnant. That is why your due date is worked out from your last period.

How do you know if you are not pregnant?

You know that you are not pregnant .. if you had sex when you were un-fertile (but there is still a chance) and also .. You come on your period on the normal days you would have the other months

Can you be 103 days late on your period and not be pregnant?

There have been people who haven't had a period for six months and they weren't pregnant and started their period afterwards, but it would be best to take a pregnancy test if you haven't already done so.

When is the baby due if you got pregnant on your period?

Typically women do not become pregnant on their periods. However, the baby would be due 9 months from the day the woman became pregnant.

Can a girl already 2 months pregnant get pregnant again?

hell no are you a retard? i mean serously you dont even have you period any more it imposible! No, a person can not get pregnant while they are already pregnant. Because the person would stop ovulating and having their period

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