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2008-08-10 17:10:00
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Q: If you take two pregency test and both say negative can you be pregnant?
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Can you take cough s yrup when im pregnant?

yes,you take cough syrap at pregency time,

If you get a negative does that mean you are not pregnant?

When you take a Pregnancy test, and you get a Negative. Yes that means your not pregnant. But i would go to your doctor to make sure.

How soon after conception can you test for pregnancy?

i found out i was pregnant when i was two weeks pregnant with both of my kids. but if you think you are and its been two weeks and it says negative wait another week then take another.

What happens if you take a pregnancy test on your period?

It will be negative because you are not pregnant.

What if you get negative result?

Then your obviously not pregnant . & if you wanna make sure then take another one & if it comes out negative then your lucky

Need help dont know what to do you are 15 days late pregnancy test came out negative can you be pregnant?

If the pregnancy test is negative, you're probably not pregnant. Take another or see your doctor.

If you take 2 pregnant test and they both come out neg could you still be pregnant?

is possible

Is it possible when you take early TT injection to abort at 5 to 6 months pregnant?

No, you can take TT both when you are pregnant and breastfeeding.

Can you be pregnant if you have Abdominal cramps increased milky discharge late period but negative pregnancy test?

Yes you can take a pregnancy test that is negative and still be pregnant. As far as the milky discharge, that may be an infection.

What kind of Tylenol can you take when you are pregnant?

Regular and baby tylonol are both ok to take

How long should it take you two fall pregnant?

It should not take more than a month for you to fall pregnant if both partners are okay.

How long after a miscarriage will test be negative?

I think you mean positive. Negative means you are not pregnant and it will remain that way until you are pregnant again. It will show positive until the hormones settle which can take up to 2 months.

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