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With irregular periods you should test according to your longest cycle in recent months. If you are uncertain when your period is due or could be due, it is recommended to test at least 19 days from the day you think you became pregnant. If the result is negative you should test again in 3 days because you may have tested too early. Good luck.

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Q: Howlong should you wait to take a pregnancy test if you have irregular periods?
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You had your period for half a day and then it stopped Why?

There are a few reasons as to why you had your period for half a day and then it stopped. If your periods are just starting, it is normal for them to be irregular for a while. If you have irregular periods or are on hormonal birth control, this can also affect your periods. Lastly, if pregnancy could be possible, you should take a pregnancy test to rule that out as soon as possible.

You have irregular but you havent had it in months then get some spotting yet a pregnancy test was negative should you take another test if you still have not had your period but you show pregnancy si?

It may be your birth control if you are taking any they cause irregular periods.

It has been 8 weeks since your last period Are you pregnant?

Maybe. Missed, irregular or late periods do not always indicate pregnancy, but if you are wondering, you should have a pregnancy test performed.

Can you not have your period for months and not be pregnant?

Yes. Some women have very irregular periods. If you suspect you are pregnant, you should take a home pregnancy test just to be sure.

You been missng your periods for about 6 months now and you have taken over 10 pregnancy test and all are negative what should you do?

You need to go to the doctor's office or you could have irregular periods that's all i can think of

If You were 2 weeks late for your period and had a neg pregnancy test and now you went the whole month without your period what does that mean?

If your periods are usually irregular, you should see a doctor for tests.

What should I do because I have irregular periods and I missed one but im not pregnant?

If you miss more then one period in a row and have a negative home pregnancy test you should see a Dr. They can find the cause of your issue and treat it.

You just became sexually active and your period is late this month but your periods are irregular anyway are you pregnant?

If your periods are irregular anyway then there is no way to tell, I advise you to see whether you have a period next month, if not then go and see a doctor for a pregnancy test. If you have only recently become sexually active then you should be using protection anyway.

How can you stop having irregular periods?

Irregular periods are very common for women under 20. As you get older it should balance out. People say birth control helps..But i'm not positive.

Should you wear panty liners before you begin your period?

Yes. If you tend to have irregular periods and you are not sure when your periods will occur or if you tend to have discharge before your periods.

What if a girl have her periods thrice in a month?

If they were regular before this incident they should probably go to the doctor but if they are new to having periods it could just be they have irregular periods!

Why do you have pelvic pain and frequent periods?

If you are having irregular periods and moderate to severe abdominal pain you should probably see a gynecologist.

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