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It will work but you do have to take it every single day, birth control is not a one time thing. And unless you have access to take someone else's pill every day you should get your own. Planned Parenthood will get you a prescription and they will respect your privacy if you are a teen and don't want your parents to know.

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Q: If you take someone elses birth control will it work?
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Can someone take an extra birth control pill after intercourse still get pregnant?

yes ou can still get pregnant, birth control is not 100%, no matter how many you take.

How can you tell if someone is on birth control?

Unless you see them pull out their birth control pack and take their pill, there is no way to tell other than by asking.

Can you take other peoples birth control pills?

Some pills are close to the same and some are very different. Without knowing which ones are in question it is best to error on the safe side and say no it is not. One thing which can happen is an adverse reaction to the different pill followed by the possibility that you could no longer use the pill you started with. It may be that your drugist could give you a list of compatible pills.

Can you take birth control during your period?

Yes, you can take birth control during your period. You should take your birth control as directed regardless of bleeding.

Can you get pregnant if you do not take birth control?

if you have sex and don't take birth control, you may get pregnant. Birth control reduces the risk of pregnancy.

do you take birth control on or off of your period?

You take birth control as scheduled regardless of bleeding.

Can teens be forced to take birth control?

No. But they can be educated on the importance of birth control.

If you are pregnant and take birth control will your body reject it?

You should not take birth control while pregnant. Not at all.

Can you take birth control and synthroid at the same time?

Yes, you can take Synthroid and birth control at the same time.

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