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NO. The green pills are just so you continue to take a pill every day. It is not a 'period' you have while on them just a 'withdrawal' bleed so if you want to skip it for a holiday or something, miss them out and go straight to the next pack.

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Q: If you skip the green pills and start your new pack as if you did take the green pills will you get your period?
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If you start the pill on the first day of your period when you have finished that pack do you immediately start the next one?

If you have finished with the pills and the faux pills, had your period, then you start the new set of pills after the last day of your period.

What happens to your menstrual cycle if you start birth control pills two Sundays after period ended?

you will get your period when you start taking your "period" placebo pills in your pack

Can you start a new pack of birth control when youre in the middle of the sugar pills to stop your period?

it is not advised. you should finish all the pills at the alotted time and then you can start your new pack, if you are still on your period and the sugar pills are completed you can still move onto the next pack.

How do you start your first pack of birth control pills ever?

There should be instructions in your pill packet. Or your doctor should have told you when they prescribed them to you.You should start your pack the first Sunday after you start your period even if your period is not over yet. Do not skip any pills and start a new pack as soon as you finish your 7 inactive pills at the end of your pack.

If you want to skip your period in August do you start your new pack right after your period in July?

To skip your period in August you need to start your new pack of pills before you have your period in August.

You recently started on birth control about 2 months ago you went on vacation and skipped your sugar pills to start another pack so you wont get your period when might you get your period?

As soon as you start your sugar pills on the new pack, or a little after you start taking the sugar pills.

You missed your taking your pills for 5 days then your period came do you keep taking your pills or start another pack?

i would start another pack 5 days woaw

When do you start your new pack of birth control pills?

You start your new pack of pills when you finish your old pack. Lets say you had you last pill on a Wednesday, you then start your new pill on Thursday. If its your first pack you have ever taken then you either start your first pill on the day you start your period or on the Sunday during your period. At first you period will not go with the pill correctly; it my take a month or two for your period to adjust.

If you get your period in the middle of a pack of birth control pills do you need to start a new pack?

No. Continue taking your pills as scheduled, regardless of any bleeding.

Should my period start the first day after I am through the hormone pills in a birth control pack?

Hi, Your question is: Should my period start the first day after I am through the hormone pills in a birth control pack?Not necessarily no. Your period will arrive anytime during the 7 days when your on the placebo pills or not taking any pills.

If you start your period on the first sugar pill and your period lasts 4 days do you finish the rest of the sugar pills or start taking the hormone pills again?

You should always finish your pack You should always finish your pack

When your first pack of pills are gone could you start another pack right away to stop your periods?

Yes you can but it really depens on what BC pills you're taking. If you get a period with these BC pills then start a new pack. Contact your doctor or Pharmacist for medical advice relating to these pills.