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You should use a backup method (condoms only) for the next 2 weeks.

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Q: If you missed 3 pills before your period and then missed 2 days starting a new pack how long should you use a back-up method?
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Can you get pregnant if you missed the pill for 3 days?

Yes, you can. Be sure to use a backup method of contraception!

You have been on Ortho Tricyclen for a few years and got breakthrough bleeding this month you missed two pills is that your period how long does it typically last?

If you missed tow pills and had breakthrough bleeding, resuming your pills should stop the bleeding. However, since you missed two pills you are not protected this month, so use a backup method of birth control.

I missed one pill the day before I start the non-active pills and I started my period Should I take the last missed pill anyway tonight before starting my four non actives or start non-actives now?

No you should wait and ask your doctor

You missed two days worth of birth control pills you only have a week till your period can you just use a backup method and then start your pack as normal?

Yes, that's a great plan for minimizing the risk of pregnancy.Abstinence for that period of time would work also.

What if you have missed your first pill of the month and never took it but took all the rest can you get pregnant if you had unprotected sex?

A backup method of birth control is suggested during the first month on the pill. The pill is 99.7%-99.9% effective if used perfectly! Effectiveness in the general population is only 97% due to missed pills etc. This means that 3 women in 100 wil get pregnant on the pill.

How long after missing 3 birth control pills can you ovulate?

You may ovulate straight away or you may not ovulate forseven days. You need to continue taking your pills as normal and you will also need to use a backup method of protection for seven days because you missed pills.

What are the side effects of taking 6 birth control pills at once to catch up dosages missed?

Nausea. You can't catch up on six missed pills. Use a backup method until you've taken 7 pills correctly. If you have had sex in the last five days, take emergency contraception. If you prefer, discard this pack and start the next, but six missed pills really makes that cycle a wash.

Can you test 2 weeks before missed period?

Home pregnancy tests are designed to be used AFTER your missed period. Using it 2 weeks before a missed period could skew the results.

What does six days before your missed period mean?

It means that if your period is supposed to start on Saturday, 6 days before your missed period would be the Tuesday before.

If you missed the last pill in your pack and start taking the next pack 1 day early how long should you use additional protection?

You are right to start the new pack a day early. As long as you haven't gone more than seven days for your placebo week, no backup method is needed.

Whats the earliest you can tell if you are pregnant?

I found out 6 days before my missed period with a 5 day sooner pregnancy test. I would wait atleast until the 6th or 5th day before your missed period. Or with a normal test they day before or of your missed period. :)

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