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If you have had sex it is possible you are pregnant, possibly you were not pregnant when you missed the first cycle but conceived later that month. If you don't get your period and the test still says negative, you should see your MD or Family Planning Clinic.

Some woman stop having periods while using BCP, two negative tests in two months with no period, sounds like you are one of those woman. Talk to your doctor about this but it is very unlikely to be pregnant under these circumstances.

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It is possible to still be pregnant even if a pregnancy test shows a negative result after missing your period for two months. In some cases, the hormone levels may not be high enough to be detected by the test. If you suspect pregnancy, it is best to consult with a healthcare provider for further evaluation and guidance.

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Q: If you miss your period for two months and it says negative on a pregnancy test can you still be pregnant?
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Can you have no period and negative pregnancy results and still be pregnant?

It is possible to have a negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant if the test is taken too early or if there are issues with the test itself. Additionally, missed periods can be due to factors other than pregnancy, such as stress, hormonal imbalances, or medical conditions. If you suspect you may be pregnant despite negative tests, it is best to consult with a healthcare provider for further evaluation.

How do you tell from your period if your pregnant?

You cannot rely on your period to determine pregnancy because pregnancy and menstruation are separate processes. If you suspect you might be pregnant, it is best to take a pregnancy test or consult a healthcare provider for accurate confirmation.

What is the difference between a chemical pregnancy and miscarriage?

A chemical pregnancy is an early pregnancy loss that occurs shortly after implantation, before the pregnancy is visible on ultrasound. It is usually detected by a positive pregnancy test that later becomes negative. A miscarriage, on the other hand, is the loss of a pregnancy after the embryo has implanted and is visible on ultrasound.

U missed your period taken 4 pregnancy tests all positive experienced implantation bleeding 2 days before expected period could you be having a chemical pregnancy or are you more than likely pregnant?

It is possible that you may be experiencing a chemical pregnancy, which occurs when a fertilized egg fails to implant and grow. However, the positive pregnancy tests and implantation bleeding suggest that you may be pregnant. It's important to consult with a healthcare provider for confirmation and guidance on next steps.

If your period is 10 days late but 10 urine tests all came back negative is pregnancy still possible?

It is still possible to be pregnant even if urine tests are coming back negative. If you continue to have concerns, it's a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider for further testing and evaluation.

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After having a miscarriage 8 months ago my period is 4 days late. Took pregnancy test and it came back negative... am i pregnant?

after having a miscarriage 6 months ago my period is 4 days late.took pregnancy test it came back negative am i pregnant

No period in months?

you might be pregnant. get a pregnancy test.

I am two months late on your period but you took 2 pregnancy tests and it was negative could you still be pregnant?

I am two months late and i have taken a test sometimes twice a week and they say negative. what is going on?

Period and negative pregnancy test?

. . . means that you arent pregnant.

If home pregnancy test negative can you still be pregnant and get your period?

No you can't be pregnant and still have your period. You can have a light bleed but not a period. As for the whole negative test thing, it could be a false negative.

No period for one month and pregnancy test says negative?

You are pregnant

Can you have a positive pregnancy test then a negative pregnancy test and light period and still be pregnant?


You took a pregnancy a day before your period and it came back negative Does that mean im really not pregnant?

Pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate, but being that it was negative and you got your period, I'd say you are definitely not pregnant.

If you have negative pregnancy test with missed period and bleeding are you pregnant?

Unlikely - the bleeding probably was your period

Can having your period cause a negative pregnancy test?

Having your period means you aren't pregnant

Can taking a pregnancy test during your period tell you if your pregnant?

Your period shouldn't affect the test! There is really no point in doing a pregnancy test during a period. Usually, if you are having a period you are not pregnant. A pregnancy test senses the BHCG hormone so your period should not affect it.

You took a pregnancy test and it was negative then you had your period 2 days later was it your period or pregnancy bleeding?

Most likely your period. You're probs not pregnant.