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YES. Even if you're actually on your period, you can get pregnant.

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Q: If you have your period the day after you have unprotected sex can you still get pregnant?
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Can you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex the day after your period?


New to pill first week can you get pregnant if you started the pill on day your period ended which only lasted day and half and cycles that ain't regular and missed a pill day after unprotected sex?

if you have unprotected sex you can get pregnant. Period.

Could you be pregnant if your period last one day?

no you do not get a period if you are pregnant but that does not mean it is okay to have unprotected sex on your period sperm can live for 10 days

If you had your period for 2 days and it was heavy one day then stoped and you missed your period last month and had unprotected sex can you still be pregnant?

YES. Time for a test and/or doctor visit .

Are you pregnant if your period stopped on the third day of your period when they last 7 days you had unprotected sex?

Yes, you could be

Can you become pregnant on your period if you think he cumed in you?

yes. I got pregnant with my second child when I had unprotected sex with my husband on the first day of my period, he did not pull out.

If I had unprotected sex on the day I was already a week late for my period but now 7 days later I still havent gotten my period what are the chances I'm pregnant?

50/100 or 40/100

If you come of your period a day before having unprotectied sex could i still gt pregnant?

Yes. Believe it or not, the period is the most fertile time. You're an idiot for having unprotected sex.

Can a woman get pregnant if sex happens on the first day of her periods and what can be done to undo after 6 days of unprotected sex?

yes, you can get pregnant on the first day of your period. there really isn't anything you can do about unprotected sex. maybe the day after pill? but it properly wont work if your already pregnant.

You had unprotected dex a day after period 3 days later im spotting blood could you be pregnant?


You finished your pack of dianette and began your period on the last day of your period you had unprotected sex with your boyfriend but took your pill the next morning can you be pregnant?

yes you can get pregnant this way

Can you still get pregnant on the last day of your period?