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These are all symptoms of pregnancy yes take a test when you miss your period or make an appoinment with your doctor for a blood test which is much more accurate hope everything works out for you Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: If you have vomit feeling in your throat and a sharp pain in your abdomen and sleepiness and bigger-sorebreast and your body feels different all of a sudden does it mean your pregnant?
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Is it normal to have stabbing pains in your abdomen when pregnant?


How can you tell if a hermit crab is pregnant?

Hermit crabs dont breed in captivity, they need the ocean. But to tell, the hermie has a sack of eggs, but its different from a the sack they have when they are about to molt. Its in near the abdomen.

How can you see your cow is pregnant?

The only way you can SEE your cow is pregnant is by the bulge of it's abdomen. This shows that there's a little calf in there.

What is a palpation in a rabbit?

Palpation is the act of feeling the doe rabbit's abdomen to determine if she is pregnant or not.

When do pregnant ferrets usually start to show in their abdomen?

A female ferret's abdomen will enlarge and she will act pregnant in either a true or false pregnancy. About 3 weeks after mating, a veterinarian will be able to feel fetuses growing within the abdomen. During the sixth and last week of a true pregnancy in ferrets, if you rest your fingers lightly on the side of the abdomen and exercise great patience, you should be able to feel the unborn kits moving inside the mother and you will know for certain that your ferret is pregnant.

Signs that a woman is pregnant?

Ways to know a girl is pregnant is you can possibly miss a period.. not always do u miss a period. Signs to vary with different people. Your boobs may enlarge, tender boobs, puking randomly, ( morning sickness) , wait about a week after u had sex to get a test . Go to your doctor to get the most accurate result. Don't worry they are not allowed to say anything to ur parents without ur permission.

A small butterfly movement in lower abdomen but not pregnant that i am aware of....?

Go see a doctor ASAP.

How can you tell if your grasshopper is pregnant?

Cut open it's abdomen and if theres tubes in there, it's pregnet

Can you feel a heartbeat in you adominal bottom if you're pregnant?

Sometimes you are aware of your own pulse deep in your abdomen when you are pregnant as the blood flow to the uterus increases.

Is your abdomen your stomache?

no , your stomach is just a organ right under the breast area , the abdomen has many different organs

Why do you feel like there is something kicking you inside your abdomen?

This is usually caused by gas in the intestines, unless one is pregnant then it is caused by the growing baby kicking and punching inside the abdomen.

What are the lines you see on your stomach when your pregnant?

The brown line that some pregnant women get down the middle of the lower abdomen is called the linea nigra.