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This is usually caused by gas in the intestines, unless one is pregnant then it is caused by the growing baby kicking and punching inside the abdomen.

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Q: Why do you feel like there is something kicking you inside your abdomen?
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Why do you feel something kick inside you?

You're pregnant. There's a little human kicking. I really shouldnt have been the one to tell you that though.

Can a human feel kittens kicking inside a pregnant cat?


How soon can you feel the baby kicking inside the womb?

3_4 months

How does it feel when a fetus kicks inside the uterus?

The very first kicks that you can feel feel like someone is flicking you from the inside with their finger. The later kicks feel like a knee or elbow is kicking or pressing on you inside (which it is!).

Your periods are very irregular and you feel kicking in your stomack you took a home preg test but it was negative could you still be pregnant?

It's not normal to feel kicking inside your stomach unless yo have a child inside. I suggest you go see a doctor right away!

Can gas really feel like a baby kicking?

Did he use a condom? Yes it can. Gas can gurgle in the stomach and feel like something is moving inside. Gas can get under the ribs, up into the chest and even behind the rib cage in the back.

Im 17 wks and you dont feel your baby kicking is something wrong?

This is something to ask your doctor. The only advise I could tell you is that my friend's baby didnt start kicking until the 20th week.

Why do i feel as though there are Butterflies in my lower abdomen?

Maybe your Happy or EXcited for something AAnd you Feel the Butterflis down there cause i do too.

Is it normal to feel like somethings being poked in abdomen during sexual penatration?

only if he's in deep i feel like that when my man is deep inside me

What is feel the kick?

When a pregnant woman feels the fetus (baby) move inside her womb ("tummy") sometimes they are actually kicking or poking her while trying to reposition themselves. You can even sometimes see them move and push against her from the inside. If the mother doesn't mind and gives you permission, you can touch her abdomen when they are active and feels the kick for yourself. Usually it is in the second trimester of pregnancy (around the fifth month) when the woman first starts to feel the movement and as things get more and more crowded as the baby grows, the mother will feel this as stronger "kicks".

Why do you feel empty inside?

you feel empty inside because you have something very special missing in life ex: love or maybe a family.

Feeling when you are a cemetery?

I Feel Totally Normal But When I Get Out I Feel This Wierd Feeling Like SomeThing Inside Me Is Empty