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Yes! Having regular periods increases your chance of conceiving. Buy some ovulation predictor kits to know what time is best to have sex.

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2011-12-15 19:30:27
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Q: If you have regular periods but have PCOS can you still conceive?
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Is it hard to get pregnant with pcos?

It will probably take longer to conceive if you have PCOS. Chances are your periods are irregular which means you aren't ovulating, which means you can't get pregnant. Talk to your doctor about how you can regulate your periods with diet and medication (Metformin is a common treatment). Clomid can also be used to induce ovulation. Don't lose hope though, you can get pregnant with PCOS, it just may take longer.

How soon can you test for PCOS after going off the pill?

Wait a few months after going off the pill to see if your periods are still regular. If you don't have a period for 2-3 months and aren't pregnant, see your OB or reproductive endocrinologist to be tested for PCOS. Often times the pill can mask the symptoms of PCOS and you won't know you have it until after you go off the pill.

Is it normal to not have regular periods at the age of forty three?

Sometimes - if you have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) you don't have regular periods at all unless you are on medication (Birth Control or glucophage). It seems to early for menopause. I would go see a doctor.

Can you ovulate when you have PCOS?

Yes you can, but the hormonal imbalance/insulin resistance may make ovulation more infrequent. If you have missed periods frequently, ask your doctor to be tested for PCOS. It is still possible to get pregnant with PCOS, it just may take more time and intervention.

Is it normal to have 2 periods in the same month with PCOS?

No. You could've gotten a disease.

Your prolactine level is 29.04 with PCOS im taking matformine twice a dayi want to know how many days it would take you to be able to conceive?

When you have PCOS you really can't put a date on when you will conceive. You should keep working with your doctor to determine how to increases your chances of getting pregnant.

What are the treatments for pcos?

PCOS can be managed and in some (not all) cases the effects of it can be lessened. Maintaining appropriate weight and checking hormone levels will reveal whether or not BCP would be a good option to help regulate. A woman who is not trying to conceive will not need to do anything out of the ordinary unless the effects of PCOS are affecting daily life. A woman with PCOS who is trying to conceive may need to see an OB/GYN or Reproductive Endocrinologist to discuss options of fertility medications.

If you have pcos can you still be preganet?

Yes. Although many women with PCOS struggle to become pregnant, it is still possible to get pregnant naturally.

Can you die of PCOS?

Goodness, no! Polycystic ovary syndrome means that hormone imbalances stops ova from being released from the ovaries, meaning reduced fertility and a higher chance of diabetes, alopecia, weight gain and hair growth beyond normal female conditions. PCOS does not cause death in any way, although there is a slightly greater risk of cancer of the uterus if there are not regular periods, in which case the cancer would kill you - not the PCOS.

You have always had acne irregular periods etc is this polycystic ovaries?

Acne and irregular periods are not enough to make a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS also causes excessive facial hair growth, male pattern balding, and weight gain. The only way to really be sure if you have PCOS is to go to a doctor, and then he or she will test your blood for any irregularities. There are many other things that could be causing irregular periods and acne alone.

Can i you still get pregnant by yourself if you got pcos?

shut up dummy!

Does metformin help you get pregnant?

Well, Metformin is actually a drug for diabetics..But is also prescibed for women that have PCOS..When you have PCOS, your ovaries basically shut down due to lack of insulin & a inbalance of hormones. Metformin helps to restore the insulin to get the ovaries pumping correctly--thus ovulation will occur..On that note, a woman is able to conceive because of proper ovaulation. I have PCOS & I just started taking it---my friend also took it & conceived after 3 months..Hopefully this info is helpful, and your reproductive system will respond & help you conceive...Good luck!

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