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Q: If you have growing pains does that mean you might start your period?
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What age do boys start growing pains?

13 or 14.

What could sharp pains in abdomen before period begins mean?

your back will start hurting. you will feel your breast growing. you will begun to feel your arms hurting because there stretching and all those emotions.

Can you start your pill on day 3 of your period?

No, as it will stop your period and you will have terrible pains, you can only start taking them when your off, and you have to do that till you stop taking the pill or you won't have your periods.

Why would you have period pain but no bleeding?

you may be coming on i usually get period pains a few days before i start to bleed and then get none when i am bleeding

When will you start your period. Say if you have had discharge for over a year now and do have pains and back ache sometimes?

well if you do start your discharge then you will obviously start your period. I personally hav been having my discharge for 2 years but still haven't started my period.

What will you see when you get a period?

You can start having pains, which could indicate but not all the time. But the main indication is where you bleed obviously.

How do you know that you're getting pregnant?

You know that you might be pregnant after you have had sex at a fertile time. The start of pregnancy is two or three days after the sex, and nothing indicates that you are definitely pregnant for many days after that.

Period pains ten days before your period is due?

That's normal. Most people get a very painful stomach pain once in a while when your period is nearing. (or other symptoms that indicate that your period is starting soon) Some people experience pain, some people not and every person can have a different time when they start getting period pains.

How do you know I your period is about to start as a beginner?

Old answer: You know your period is about to start because a week ahead of time you get a bloating feeling and very irritable to the point you want to just be alone in complete silence. New answer: You get vaginal discharge which is like a white/yellow fluid comes out of your vagina. Although some females get discharge for years before they start their periods. You also get period pains, these are crampy pains in your lower stomach.

Can you still get taller after you start your periods?

About two years after your first period is when you stop growing.

How can do you no you have started your period?

you start bleeding from your 'girls parts' its a purpleish colour most of the time. you get bad cramps [period pains] in your stomach. your bleeding lasts for 3-7 days and happens once a month, though the first few times might be a little off track:) HOPE I HELPED:)

How do you know your about to start your period?

you may get stomach pains and get very tired and get white stuff in your nickers. just keep an eye out and go to the doctors.