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of course you will but you will get hungry. XD

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Q: If you eat only once per day will you lose weight?
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If you eat only breakfast every day for one month how much weight can you lose?

you'd lose no weight.

How much weight will lose with soup a day?

It won't help you lose weight, only to make your diet healthier. Exercise does that. Raw celery is negative calories and can help you lose weight.

What is a risky way to lose weight?

Self Starvation--Anorexia Eating then vomiting--Bulimia Overexercising--Exercise bulimia Dieting is a temporary way to lose weight. Talk to your doctor about a diet plan that is right for you.

How muck weight can you lose in 1 day when you do situps?

One day only you're not going to lose any important amount no matter what you do.

Can I lose weight if I only eat vegetables every day?

Eating only vegetables every day will most likely cause you to lose weight. However, it won't give you all the nutrients you need such as protein and calcium.

Can you lose weight eating one hamburger a day?

if its ONLY 1 hamburger a day. but other than that no.

If a person is trying to lose weight is it better to eat once a day or 3 times a day or 6 times a day?

3 times a day but not to much or to little

If you eat only one salad all day and exercise for about an hour everyday will you lose weight?

You will lose weight but you could also become extremely unhealthy. It is better to gradually lose weight with a restricted calorie diet but with some balance.

Do you lose weight if you eat only 1½ of food a day?

no u need proper balanced diet 2 loose weight.

How does someone that only eats once a day lose weight?

While the body is in a fasting mood, the body will move to a ketosis state and start burning fats as a source of energy to the body.

Do i lose weight if i eat muesli 3 times a day instead of regular meals?

You don't lose weight when you eat muesli. The only thing you have to do is get a surgery. If you don't have money exercise.

How can you lose your thigh weight in one day?

You can't. It takes longer than a day to lose weight from your thighs (or anywhere, for that matter).