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You wont lost any weight in order to lose weight you have to burn the calories you consumed plus more.

There are 3500 calories per pound.

In order to lose weight you would have to lose the 500 calories you consumed each day, and considering the fact you eat 500 calories per day you would have to times 500 by 7 and that equals 3500 calories

In order to lose a pound in a week you would have to burn 7000 calories per week.

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Q: If you eat 500 calories less each day how much weight will you loose in a week?
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Can eating apples help you to lose weight?

There are 2 ways to loose weight - eat less, or burn more, calories. If apples replace a higher calorie food, that is eating less calories.

What are some good weight management plans I can follow?

The easiest way to lose weight is count calories and exercise. Calories are what create the fat that is stored in your body. Eating less calories creates less fat. By exercising you loose calories, which also burns off fat.

How much weight will you loose if Use 400 less calories per day?

Each gram of fat provides 9 Calories. That means 400 Calories is equivalent to 44.4 grams. 44.4 grams is approximately 0.1 pounds. If you can keep that diet up for 10 days, you'll loose 1 pound of fat.

If you eat 500 calories less per day how much weight will you loose in a week?

Approx. 1 pound (~3500 calories per pound of body fat).

How many carbohydrates should a 268 pound teen eat a day?

It depends of many factors, both for teens and adults. It is related to their habits, hereditary, size, if they are sedentary fellows or hardy workers.... and don't forget that teens go from thirteen to nineteen.

Can you lose weight by jump rope?

No matter what form of exercise you use, you'll loose weight if you "burn" more calories than you consume. While jumping rope is certainly an aerobic exercise and can help you burn more calories, if you don't consume less than you're burning you won't loose weight.

What is the most you can eat and still lose weight?

to loose weight a person has to use more calories than they consume. an average person uses about 2000 calories a day, so a person would have to eat less than that.

How many points do you eat a day if you are on Weight Watchers?

the amount of points you can eat in a day depends on your weight, so it will be a higher number when your first start than after you loose some weight. Since your body requires less calories to function the less weight you are carrying around with you.

I have been eating fewer calories per day and eating less portions and still not seeing resultswhat's going on?

Eating fewer calories may HELP you loose weight but getting real results doesn't mean that excersice isn't part of the plan. In order to loose weight easily, excsercise 500 calories from your daily intake and eat more nutrishous meals. Remember, eating meals that may have less calories doesn't mean they aren't high in fat.

What form of yoga is best for weight loss?

None really. In order to loose weight you have to either eat less or burn more calories (preferably both!). Yoga really doesn't burn that many calories as you really dont move that much.