Can eating apples help you to lose weight?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are 2 ways to loose weight - eat less, or burn more, calories. If apples replace a higher calorie food, that is eating less calories.

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Q: Can eating apples help you to lose weight?
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Does apple help you lose weight?

Eating a balanced diet full of fruits (like apples) and vegetables and exercising will help you lose weight.

What foods help you lose weight?

Try sticking to wholegrain foods and fruit and vegetable's with lean meat and fish. Drink plenty of water. If you have a slow metabolism try taking some apple cider tablets. They are completely natural and available from your health food store and will help you lose weight. They are made from apples in a more concentrated form which will help you lose weight faster then just eating apples.

Can pickle juice help you lose weight?

No. Eating less and exercising more will help you lose weight.

Will eating hot sauce help you lose weight?


Does eating yogurt help lose weight?


Can eating yogurt after a meal help you to lose weight?

No, no, and no.

Does eating lettuce help you lose weight?


Does eating cake in the morning help lose weight?

No cake has sugar and lots of calories of coarse it doesn't help you lose weight

Does eating chips help you even if you are trying to lose weight?


Does celery help you lose weight?

Celery helps your body, but you have to excercise. You can't lose weight by eating food.

Can eating corn flakes help you lose weight?

no they are all carbs

Can eating low glycemic foods help me lose weight?

Eating low glycemic foods will definitely help you to lose weight. The sugar in foods, be in natural or artificial, significantly adds to fat storage.