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Let nature take it's course. Anywhere from 10 on young people go into puberty. The young girls are just starting their periods. Because girls have more fat than boys they can often be a little over-weight or some can be quite skinny. Not to worry. Mother Nature usually looks after this and once the periods come you will notice you are getting curves in the right places and your breasts will grow larger. I know this is a tough time in your life and it's hard to wait.

You should eat well and that doesn't mean living on junk food, drink plenty of water (8 ounces a day) and try not to eat too many sweets. Go out jogging, swim, or fast walk every single day and get that body moving. If we don't use our bodies enough that old fat just sits there.

You'll be fine. Have fun with your friends and don't worry too much about it. "You can't fool mother nature." She'll look after you.

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Q: If you are 12 years old and weigh 12 stone how can you shift the pounds?
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