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It has no effect

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2008-01-14 00:46:55
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Q: If the male is on Cocaine does it increase any chances of pregnancy or does it have no affect?
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How does PID affect pregnancy?

PID decreases the chances for pregnancy.

Can cocaine effect a pregnancy test?

ummm...I don't think cocaine can affect your pregnancy test but it can sure as heck affect your baby. If it pregnancy is even a question, I would lay off the coke.

Would laxatives decrease the chances of pregnancy?

Laxatives will not affect the risk of pregnancy.

Can cocaine use effect a pregnancy test?

Maybe, but it will affect the unborn child.

How does PID affect a pregnancy?

PID decreases the chances of becoming pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you skip a sugar pill?

Missing a placebo pill does not affect the chances of pregnancy.

When boys do a lot of bad drugs can they get a woman pregnant?

drugs don't affect the chances of pregnancy

How can weight gain during pregnancy affect you?

Weight gain during pregnancy can greatly affect your health. Excessive weight gain during preganancy can increase the strain on your heart and increase your blood pressure.

Does stomach ulcer affect the chances of a woman giving birth?

A stomach ulcer will not affect the chances of a woman giving birth. Chances of giving birth to a healthy baby are very good when proper care has been given throughout the pregnancy.

Does age affect high cholesterol?

The chances of developing high cholesterol increase after the age of 45

How likely is it to get pregnant while having chlamydia?

While previous chlamydia infection may affect the chances of pregnancy, current infection does not reduce the risk of pregnancy.

What can happen to your baby if you have a UTI?

UTIs can increase the risk of preterm labor. They are very common in pregnancy, and, with effective treatment, normally have no affect on the pregnancy.

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