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Nothing, you do not ovulate when you're pregnant because you don't have a cycle.

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Q: If a woman is pregnant and has sex what will the sperm do to her if the sperm is released inside of her?
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When man pour sperm inside woman can she bring out the sperm?

no, but she has about 30 seconds to enjoy not being pregnant

Can you get pregnant one day before you ouvlate?

No, pregnancy does not occur until ovulation-- ovulation is the process of the egg being released. Once the egg has been released it can be fertilized with sperm. If you have sex one day before you ovulate, it is possible to get pregnant. (Perhaps this is what you actually meant by your question?) Sperm can live inside a woman for several days-- So if you have sex the day before your egg is released, chances are, there are still living sperm inside you. It is also possible to get pregnant having sex the day after ovulation.

Can a woman be pregnant without the contact of sperm?

sperm fertilzes the egg, without sperm no baby... so there is NO way a woman can get pregnant without contact of sperm

Why can't a woman get pregnant by a woman?

Because women do not produce sperm, which is necessary to fertilise the egg which is released by monthly by women.

Can a passive gay make a girl pregnant?

Whether you are a gay, straight or bisexual male you can get a woman pregnant if you ejaculate inside her or she gets your sperm inside her any other way.

Does a women become pregnant if a guy kisses her in the neckin the neck?

The only way for a woman to get pregnant with a man is if his sperm end up inside her vagina. So no.

Can woman get pregnant when both the man and woman wearing their under wares and pajamas?

yes anytime the sperm goes inside a women there is a potiential for getting prego!

Can sperm released inside a nursing mother affect the breast milk?

Only that it can get her pregnant again. Otherwise, it will not effect or harm the milk production unless she does get pregnant. Once a woman conceives again while breastfeeding milk production stops to prepare her body for the new child growing inside of her.

Can blood from a womans vagina after sex kill sperm inside the vagina if any sperm were present?

Yes, blood from a woman's vagina after sex can potentially affect the viability of any sperm present. Blood could change the pH levels or introduce bacteria that may harm the sperm. It's advisable to seek medical advice if this occurs frequently.

Is there another way to get pregnant?

Other than traditional intercourse, you can get pregnant by invitro fertilization, where a doctor would mix sperm and eggs and place them inside the uterus or by inserting sperm into the woman's vagina via another method.

Do you have to have a man to get pregnant?

In order for a woman to get pregnant, she must have sperm from a man.

What amount of sperm is required to make a woman pregnant?

One sperm cell