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  • Men who decide to have a mistress do so mainly because the excitement of secretly meeting that mistress and the long and short of it is ... it is all about sex. The mistress is often used and seldom does a married man ever marry his mistress. The wife generally wins out if she catches him cheating or, even if he and his wife divorce most men seldom marry their mistress and prefer their freedom. Of course he will think of the sexual relationship he had with you even when he is home, but sex and cheating does not mean he loves his mistress. Men who have mistresses are often arrogant; self indulged and selfish and have little regard as to how he could hurt his wife and use the mistress.
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It's possible that he still thinks about it when he goes home, but his comment suggests that seeing his ex mistress may trigger specific memories or thoughts related to their past actions. It's important to consider the context and communication style between the individuals involved to fully understand the meaning behind his statement.

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Q: If a married man told his ex mistress when I see you I am going to think about what we did does that mean he does not think about it when he goes home knowing he was caught cheating?
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Information you need to know about the other woman in your husbands affair so that you can move forward?

It may be helpful to understand the extent of the affair, how it started, and if there were any promises or commitments made. Knowing her background, motivations, and intentions can provide insight into the situation. However, remember that the focus should be on your healing and making decisions that are best for you.

How does a narcissist react when caught cheating?

A narcissist may deny, blame-shift, manipulate, or gaslight their partner when caught cheating. They may become defensive or dismissive of their partner's feelings and try to turn the situation around to make themselves appear as the victim. Overall, their response is likely to be self-centered and lacking in genuine remorse or accountability.

Why a mate that cheats starts to accuse their partner of cheating?

A person who cheats may project their guilt onto their partner by accusing them of cheating as a way to deflect attention from their own actions and justify their behavior. This behavior can also be a sign of manipulation and a way to control the narrative of the relationship. Communication and addressing underlying issues are important in resolving these accusations.

Why do men cheat when they just feel guilty afterward?

Men may cheat for a variety of reasons, such as seeking validation, excitement, or a break from their current relationship. However, feelings of guilt can arise afterwards due to a realization of the hurt caused to their partner and the violation of trust. This guilt may stem from a deeper understanding of their actions and their impact on the relationship.

Why is it when i do bad things i always get caught?

It's possible that the actions you are taking are leaving obvious trails or evidence, making it easier for others to catch you. This could also be a result of your own guilt manifesting in a way that leads to behavior that is more easily noticeable. Consider reflecting on your actions and motivations to determine why this pattern may be occurring.

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If a married man stops talking to his mistress after he gets caught cheating would karma come back on him for it?

mos def

Would a married man have fantasies about being with his ex mistress when he stopped seeing her because he got caught cheating 4 mths ago?

depends how hot she isANSWER;I think so especially if this married man fell in love with his mistress before he got caught cheating. Lots will be going on in his head, mostly the fun he had with her..

What does it mean when married man got caught cheating and moved in with mistress?

When a married man gets caught cheating by his wife and then moves in with his mistress nine chances out of ten he is immature; selfish and if he loved the mistress he would have had the fortitude to leave his wife before he got caught. A man who lives with his mistress after being caught cheating by his wife is afraid to be alone and it doesn't necessarily mean that he loves his mistress.ANSWER:It means that he loves his mistress, and probably he don't want to loose what they have together. But I think its good that he left you and live with her, you will have more freedom, you wouldn't have to remember the pain he gave you. And you wouldn't have to face him to remind you of what he did..

Should the mistress tell the wife of the affair?

No, keep cheating and dont get caught.

How would a married man feel knowing he sees his ex mistress everyday at work he hasn't talk 2 her since he got caught cheating but they were good friends b4 the affair started?

they would probally feel so guilty that they give up their job.

Does a mistress end up marrying the married man she is seeing?

Married men who cheat on their wives and have a mistress generally use the mistress for a sexual relationship; feeling the freedom he is not married to her and can either go back to his wife when he is bored with the mistress or, if he is caught cheating by his wife or he decides to divorce his wife then he would want him freedom and the statistics of a married man divorcing and marrying his mistress is very low; generally he just wants to do as he pleases and doesn't care if he hurts women along the way.

Why would a married guy start to wear his wedding ring for 2 weeks after getting caught cheating hide it from his ex mistress then take it off and still hide his hand from her?

Because he's stuped. And because he wants to be with the ex-mistress.

If a married man told his ex mistress after getting caught cheating he can't talk 2 her right now but wants to and when the ex mistress said y did your wife tell u that he said no then why couldn't he?

it's probably because he a, was already married, and b, someone's on his tail and he doesn't want them to find out

Why would a married man who never wore his wedding ring until after he got caught cheating try to hide it from his ex mistress?

it's like a back up plan. if he gets divorce he will goto his ex mistress. It not a 100 percent right there is a chance.

What can you do to the mistress if you caught her cheating with your mate?

* Why go after the mistress! It should be your mate that you go after as they instigated the affair. You have a choice of splitting up if you are just going together or, if married you can sit down and discuss the problems in your marriage and try to work on a more successful marriage; separate from your spouse or divorce him.

Why would a married man ask his mistress for nude pictures after they have been caught?

Clearly "being caught" was not the end of the relationship in his eyes. He's going to keep seeing the mistress.

After a married man gets caught cheating and tells his mistress that he cares about her and when she ask y he says because u've been friends for so long why would he tell her that?

So he wouldn't hurt her feelings and not get slapped