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i think that he wouldn't have asked you if he didn't care. it is like a parent who puts out there arm to stop there child in a car when they think they might crash. it is a sign of love

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2009-09-27 22:01:10
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Q: If a guy tells you to be careful when you drive home does that mean he really cares about you?
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When a girl tells you she cares about you in what way does she mean?

It mean's that she really like's you and she really care's about you.

If a guy tells you to be careful on your way home and to text him when you get home what does that mean?

well my guess would be that he really cares about u and maybe he likes u :) or he is just watching out for u like a big brother or something.

How do you know for sure if he really does like you?

simply that is if he honestly tells you and/or if he cares and/or if he's interested in u as a person

What does it really mean when your spouse tells you that she loves you but she is not love with you?

it means that she cares about you and she loves you as a person, but to be in love is a way bigger step.

If a guy tells you he cares about you and really likes you a lot and is getting attached to you what is he trying to tell you?

hes telling her he wants to be her boyfriend.

What does it mean when a guy tells you that he cares about you a lot?

Well, it means that he cares about you a lot either as a friend or whatever he is to you.

When a man tells you confidential things does that mean he cares for you?


If your boyfriend tells you he still cares about his ex is he not over her?

saddly yes

What does it mean when a man you are not dating tells you to be good?

It could mean he cares for you

If your really close guy friend tells you he deeply cares about you but has not done anything but flirt with you a little could it mean that he would like to be more than friends?


I want to ask a poular girl out in school but im not popular and I have no problem asking its just that what if she tells her friends?

If she likes you then she will want to be with you no matter what, she should not care if you are popular or not if she does then you would do best to look for some one else who cares not about how popular you are by what kind of person you really are and who cares if she tells her friends they got nothing to do with anything, it's all up to her.

What does it mean if your boyfriend tells you he would die for you?

It means he cares about you as much as he does himself.

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