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It means he cares about you as much as he does himself.

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Q: What does it mean if your boyfriend tells you he would die for you?
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What does it mean when in my dream my boyfriend tells me to die?

This dream suggests something seriously wrong in the relationship. Boyfriends do not normally tell their loved one to die. The dreamer should take this as a warning to seriously reconsider the relationship.

Your boyfriend said he would be lost with out you what does he mean?

Well, my boyfriend has said that before and it confused so i asked him. He told me that it means every moment that we are away from each other is torture. If you were never there, he would die. So i hope I helped = ]

What does it mean if you have a dream about you and your boyfriend being perfect and then you die?

it means together forever

What does it mean if someone tells you that you are there ride to die?

i have never heard that saying before

What are tricky questions for a boyfriend?

* Are you my forever?* do you love me?* will you be my escape?* would you die for me?

What does young by Hollywood undead mean?

it tells you what the new generation does and how we die before the old

If you get a feeling that your going to die right there when your with your boyfriend what does that mean?

Either that you have supersensory and have the feelings for a reason like premonition, or that you really love him. I would think the latter is the case though

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What a girl do when she tells her boyfriend that she is going to die and her boyfriend stop talking with her?

Be glad that she is Filtering the scum out of your life now and not later.And what she should do is go out and find someone else to enjoy time with and be thankful she did not waste it on the loser who left her when she needed him most.... the boyfriend is a dick and should walk off a cliff

How did Amanda Perez's boyfriend die?

he didnt die her beloved cuzin was the one that die her boyfriend left her.

How does eurylochus persuade Odysseus' men to eat the cattle of Helios?

He tells them that he would rather die full, than die from starvation

Would john cena be a boyfriend to a ten year old who loves him so much that they would even die for him?

absolutly not....sorry....