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it means he finds you interesting, pretty, and that he is shy if he hasn't said hello yet.

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Q: If a guy stares at you all the time and never turns his back to you and when you are near him he glances at you does that mean he likes you?
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What does that mean if a guy turns around and looks or glances at a girl before he leaves?

he probably likes her and most likely he will think she's out of his league especially if the girl is pretty..

When a girl looks at you does it mean she likes you?

Answer 1No but if she stares at u and u look at her and she turns her head away she likes u but if she still stares at u and smiles when u look she defently likes you hope this helped uAnswer 2No, but if you seems to be frequently catching your eye or looking at you happily, this is a sign that she might like you.

How do you know if a really shy girl likes you?

if she stares at you or sits next to you that means she likes you. and if she plays with you that easy make eye contact with her and if she turns away or sends you a smile to u in return of u looking at her she probably likes you.

How do you tell if a guy likes you he stares at you a lot is he just scared to come up to you and ask you out or he just likes to stare at you but when she lookes at him he turns away?

Chances are he is interested but might have to make the first move.

What does it mean when you end up sitting next to a guy who keeps constantly staring at you in class but never talked to see he turns his head and body from you and pretends your not there?

When a young man stares at a young girl in class and then glances away when she looks is extremely shy. He may want to talk to her or even ask her out on a date, but is too shy. If you like him ask him out.

What does that mean if a guy turns around and stares at you and then when you look back he looks down and pretends to do something?

I think that it means that he likes you, but doesn't really want you to know it!

If there is a girl in you like in your class how do you know if she likes you back?

what does she do when she is around u? has she seen u staring at her? if so then if she smiles or stares back, or even just turns quickley it probably means she likes u. *boytroublemaker14*

What happens if a crows stares at you?

Well, if it flies on the side of your head, turns to you, then stares at you means you will die, but I don't know what happens if it just stares at you.

What does that mean if your friend asks a guy if he likes any girl in your class and he says no and then turns around and stares at you and leaves in which he has shown many signs of liking before?

Im no expert, but it probably means he likes you. (Or who ever he stared it) (:

Their is this girl you like and your friend says she likes you but you dont believe him and you never talked to the girl you like how do you know she likes you?

seriously. don't believe your best friend! i know their your friend and everything but, me being a girl. I'm not going to show i like you until i know your into me. But if you really want to know. here goes:She stares at youshe loses her balance around you. (trips, drops things, etc.)she won't look you in the eyes.if she does she turns bright red immediatley.she looks down, or stares at things when she is around you.if you spark a conversation with her she cracks up laughing. (at anything)she talks to other people and glances over her shoulder at you when your around.That isn't even the begging but it will have to do. hope this helped. Emily H. 13

There's this one guy that looks at you when im not looking at him and when you do he quickly turns away or pretends to not notice you what does this mean?

maybe he finds you cute or maybe he likes you and is thinking how to say it to you. Maybe he wants to tell you that he likes you bur couldn't and so just stares at you. You should probably give him a chance to even let him talk to you, you never know.

How can you tell if a boy fancies you do they stare a lot?

Yes, that can be the case that he likes you. ---> If he focuses and glances at you in a crowd where all his friends are, then he most probably is interested in you. ---> If he randomly turns up from no where and starts staring at you without you noticing and when you turn around and your eyes meet, he likes you! It is likely that he has been thinking about you.