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he probably likes her and most likely he will think she's out of his league especially if the girl is pretty..

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Q: What does that mean if a guy turns around and looks or glances at a girl before he leaves?
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What happens if a guy glances or looks at you and he is not smiling?

it could mean he is shy and love you

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What does it mean if a boy turns red when he talks to you and when you look at him he glances or looks away?

It means he is very nervous and shy but it seems he is interested.

How do you know a shy boy likes you?

if hes sneaking glances at you, tries to impress you, quickly looks the other way if you look at him and he looks away. its easiest to tell by eye contact and body reactions

What does it mean if a girl looks at you for moment and moves closer to you and glances at you a lot but a few hours later runs away from you?

Interested , but maybe shy or unsure.

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What does it mean if your crush is dating but he glances at you?

Don't be too "sensitive" as such. It may be just a friendly glanced only :)

If you see the girl you like staring at you and looks away when you stare back should you continue stareing at her until she looks at you again?

Yes. :) that's a good way to tell her you're interested, and if she glances back a lot, you can pretty much assume she likes you back.

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