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Perhaps he is just showing off, but it may be true that he wants to impress you!

He may be just showing off, but next time ask him to take off his shirt/undershirt. If he does then he is really into you. If he will pose in just his undershorts, then he is yours.

Be careful about asking him to take his clothes off, because he is going to want you to do the same thing, most guys with muscles have hit puberty and would like to see what puberty has done for you as much as you do them.

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Possibly, but not necessarily. Boys will be boys, and it's natural for them to show off their muscles. In my experience, it depends on if he shows them off obviously or discreetly, and if he shows them to everyone or just to you. If it's just to you, he's probably interested. If it's to everyone, then he's just being a boy. As far as the obvious or discreet factor goes, it's more a matter of the type of guy he is. The more discreet he is, the less of an jerk he'll turn out to be (again, in my experience).


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Q: If a boy shows off his muscles in front of a girl does he like you?
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