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looks like my girl's

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Q: What do girl front private parts look like?
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Would a boy like to touch a girl's private parts?

Sure, if the boy truly LOVES the girl, and the girl also truly LOVES the boy, because what if the girl doesn't like the boy, and then you touch her private body parts? That doesn't make sense, so if you both are in love, or, at least LIKE each other, you could might as well want to touch the girl's private body parts. But, first of all, it depends on WHAT private parts you ACTUALLY touch. If you are a kid, then preferably, you WOULDN'T even touch any part of the girl's body. If you are a teenager, then maybe you CAN touch some, if your parents let you, of course, and the girl gives her permission. If you a grown up, then of course you can, if you are already married or in a committed relationship with her.

Why do 5th grade boys talk about a girl's private parts?

They are just being perverts and they like talking about that even though they shouldn't.

What is girls main parts name?

you mean like private parts? vagina

What does it look like to have both private parts?

looks bad

What do boys private parts look like video?


Why do men take pictures of their private parts?

Because they like it.

In class there's a girl that keep flirting with me in front of my wife?

Well tell her how you feel. Not in front of your wife but in private. If you like this girl then do something about it. If you don't TELL HER..Talk to your wife and make sure she's not getting jealous about it. You need to talk to this girl and tell her to stop. Its not like your single anymore and can play around. You have a wife..your job is to keep her happy now =)

Why is dog not cleaning its private parts?

Dogs clean their private parts because it's actually like giving themselves a bath, and it's a lot easier for them.

How do you know you are about to ejaculate?

You feel like something is about to come out of your private parts.

What do boys private parts look like?

A long fat stick

Do girls look at guys' privates?

Well, yes and no. It really depends on the kind of girl, a more daring out-going person would, while a shy or girl-next-door would not. Just like boys like to look at the "private parts" of girls (front and back, top and bottom), girls will look at a guy's private areas. Of course, unless you are excited there is usually not much to see through your pants. If you are talking about a guy in a state of undress, then girls will look at a guy's endowment.

Where can you touch on a girl?

well when u touch are girl but in a private place like in your basment locked