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yes they can it is called anal sex

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Q: If a boy is gay can he and another do it with each other?
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what you called 2 boy that like each other?


Are you gay for liking another boy?

Absolutely not. You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to other boys.

Why do people call other people gay?

because they like another boy

Is looking at another boy's dick gay?

No. Not at all. Only being sexually attracted to other boys is gay.

How one gay boy to another gay boy?

How one gay boy acts towards another gay boy varies depending on his personality. He might be friendly or he may feel intimidated and shy away from any conversation.

A boy that like another boy?

when a boy likes another boy it is called being gay Most men find the term gay offensive. When a boy likes another boy they are homosexual. This affection is completely normal, just a sexual preference.

If you are a boy but you thought of trying stuff with another boy does that make you gay?

Of course it makes you gay, you flamer.

Is it gay if a boy can do the spilts?

No. It is only gay if a boy is sexually attracted to other boys.

What is the Definition of photosymphisis?

it when a boy likes another boy basiclly gay

If a boy have a relationship with gay is the boy gay also?

When a boy has a relation ship with an other boy this doesn't mean he is gay.Even when the other boy is gay.You are gay when you FEEL something for an other boy, when you're ATTRACTED to that boy.This is when you know you are gay.You also don't need to be gay to have sex with someone from the same sex. But when you feel sexually attracted to the same sex you're definitely gay.

Is it gay for a boy to like lesbians?

No, it is only gay for a boy to be sexually attracted to other boys.

You looked at another boy's penis for an hour and you could not stop staring at him and his penis does this mean you are gay?

That alone does not make you gay. You are only gay if you have sexual feelings towards other boys.