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Yes, the 600 At is the same model as the 500 series, but with a different designation for sale in New Haven stores.

So yes, all Mossberg 500 after market or OEM parts will fit it.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-10 22:25:53
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Q: I have a Mossberg 600at new haven can you use Mossberg 500 pump action mag extensions?
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Will a mossberg 500 barrel fit on a new haven 600at shotgun?


Is the Mossberg 600AT the same as the 500A?

Yes, it is. The 600AT was simply sold under the New Haven name instead of the Mossberg brand. It's a Mossberg 500A (12 gauge) intended for targets and hunting (long barrel and great wood). All Mossberg 500 parts fit it.

New haven 600at?


What is the value of a mossberg 220k?

I do not think Mossberg made a 220K. The New Haven 220K (single shot bolt action 22) cross references to the Mossberg 320K. Value is around $100-$125. Excellent first rifle for a new shooter.

How can I find the manufacture date of New Haven by Mossberg 12 gauge pump?

You will have to contact Mossberg

What is the value of a Mossberg New Haven Model 495 bolt-action 12 ga 28 full choke shotgun chambered for 2 34 and 3 inch shells?

The value of a Mossberg New Haven bolt-action 12 gauge shotgun actually depends on a couple things. Most important would be the condition of the shotgun.

Has anyone ever heard of a New Haven 600AT and how to tell how old it is?

Mossberg 500Not sure exactly how old, but it's really a Mossberg 500A. I think it's just the store brand from Sears Roebuck. I found one that was up for sale. Here's the info:Mossberg/New Haven 600ATCondition: Never fired. Price: $350.00 The New Haven 600AT series is basically the same as the Mossberg 500 series. New Haven is/was Mossberg's promotional line that was sold by other retailer (Montgomery Wards, Western Auto etc). Most all parts interchange IIRC. Mossberg barrels are rather inexpensive at gunshows and shops as there are so many around. This barrel comes with a factory installed "C-lect" Choke -- the cousin of the poly Chock of the 60's. Beautiful firearm and a fine shooter of the "old" family of firearms made by a Tradename Manufacturer for a company and their private label "New Haven". Kinda like Stevens making guns for SEARS. I think Montgomery Wards went out of business about 10 years ago, so one with New Haven one it you can probably safely assume is at least 10 years old.Please note $120 or so is a more realistic price for a used one. Check on gunbroker or auctionarms

When was the mossberg 250K rifle manufactured?

Think you have a New haven 250K. If so, it is the same as the Mossberg 152K, made from 1950-1957.

What kind of info do you have on a gun with no other info on it besides OF Mossberg and sons New haven Conn USA this is all my gun says any info It is a bolt action 410?

Send it to Mossberg they can tell you anything you need to know about it and then some. You wont get alot out of calling them.

Where can you get a clip for a 22cal model new haven mossberg rifle?

One can find a clip for a 22 caliber New Haven Mossberg rifle through local gun retailers. These pieces can also be found through gun classifieds and gun manufacturers.

What is the history of the mossberg and sons Inc model 152 22 long rifle manufactured in new haven Connecticut?

A history of Mossberg has been written and is available on Amazon

Do you have any information on a New Haven 22 long rifle model 251c made in north haven Connecticut?

The Mossberg plant moved from New Haven to North Haven about 1962 when the Interstate (91?) came through the old plant.

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