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Herbert Schmidt of Ostheim an der Rhon Germany. Made inexpensive firearms under many trade names including Deputy Marshal, Bison, Omega, RG, AMCO, Spesco, Valor, Liberty, LA's Deputy, Liberty Scout, Deputy Magnum, Deputy Adjuster, Western, Burgo Mod 21, Gecado Model 21 , Indian Scout, Cheyenne Scout, Texas Scout, and Buffalo Scout to name only a few. Most were a six-shot double action solid frame revolver. Swing out cylinder and short barrel. "Western" type was a 22 revolver with either no ejector and a removable cylinder pin or with ejector. Sold farirly well in the US before GCA 1968

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Q: I have a Herbert schmidt relvolver Germany stamped on barrell eig mod e8 2215 can you give me any info on this gun?
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What is the approximate value of 22 cal pistol with 12 inch barrell made by schmidt in Germany?

50 USD or so

What year was the schmidt ostheim revolver made?

The Herbert Schmidt company was in Ostheim, West Germany. No dates of manufacture were listed.

When did Herbert Schmidt die?

Herbert Schmidt died in 2002.

When was Herbert B. Schmidt born?

Herbert B. Schmidt was born in 1931.

What does h s stand for on the 22 cal hand GUN made in w Germany?

Herbert Schmidt.

Who made 22 LR pistol 8 shot 104779 Germany HS?

Probably Herbert Schmidt

What has the author Herbert B Schmidt written?

Herbert B. Schmidt has written: 'Die Fallmethode ='

When was Herbert Schmidt - Fallschirmjäger - born?

Herbert Schmidt - Fallschirmjäger - was born on 1912-10-03.

When did Herbert Schmidt - Fallschirmjäger - die?

Herbert Schmidt - Fallschirmjäger - died on 1944-06-16.

22 cal double action handgun by herbert schmidt made in Germany?

@ 50-60s make, inexpensive.

Who made 22 caliber pistol with serial number 36722 HS Model 11 marked Germany?

Herbert Schmidt Company.

Who makes a 8 shot 22 cal pistol with a buffalo emblem made in Germany and a serial 2816?

Possibly Herbert Schmidt