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Probably Herbert Schmidt

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Q: Who made 22 LR pistol 8 shot 104779 Germany HS?
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What is the value of a eig derringer made in Germany 22 cal single shot pistol?

10-40 USD

When was the colt single-shot pistol serial number 70974a made?

AFAIK, Colt never made a single shot pistol

What is the value of a Western Derringer cal 22 lr 2 shot pistol made in Germany?

10-50 USD or so

Who makes a 8 shot 22 cal pistol with a buffalo emblem made in Germany and a serial 2816?

Possibly Herbert Schmidt

Do they make a nine shot pistol made by Iver Johnson?

They do not make a nine shot pistol made by Iver Johnson. These pistols were available in the 1940s.

What is the value of a derringer 2 shot 22 magnum pistol made by Davis?

What is the value of a Davis Derringer pistol magnum 2 shot?

How much is a 22 cal 6 shot romo pistol made in Germany serial number 284615 worth?

$25-$50. Low quality firearms.

Hopkins Allen pocket pistol 5 shot?

They made thousands of them.

You have aBurgo made in Germany a 32 7 shot cylinder type pistol you would like to know what you got?

Low cost firearm. Have it checked by a comptent gunsmith for safety and fucntioning.

22 cal 6 shot pistol id marks are Germany 19946800 l a deputy?

25-50 USD

I have a Burgo 6 shot revolver that simply says GERMANY on the cylinder MADE IN GERMANY on the short barrel and BURGO CAL.22 SHORT on the other side of the barrel. Can it be identified?

probably a Saturday night special type pistol imported from Germany. there were so many of this pistrols made world wide that they have no history or worth.....

Do they make pistol grips for New England pardener shot guns?

They have been made.