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Yes, but if they get really bad go and see your doctor or midwife

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Q: I am 15 weeks pregnant and getting period pains is this normal?
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You are 26 weeks pregnant and are having what feels like period pains is this normal?

no it is not normal.

Is it normal to have period pains when your not on your period?


If im have your period and you have some pains like im pregnant can you take a test would it work?

This is just a normal period. There is no need to take a test

Is it normal to have stabbing pains in your abdomen when pregnant?


Are lower back pains normal when you are on your period?

Is it normal for a female to have lower back pains when they are on there menstural cycle?

You have been getting pains in your stomace its not like period pain and iv been getting brown blood for one daybut pain for a week before?

You could be pregnant.

You have got period pains on the first day of your missed period as you are trying to get pregnant why is that?

Its totally normal i have had the implant and haven't had a period for two and a half years but every month i get the cramps, bloating and other symptoms

Im having slight period pains can you still be pregnant?

Yes you can be pregnant, i had mild period like cramping when i fell pregnant with my 3 kids.

What does it mean if you had a short period and you now have stomach pains?

You are not pregnant. The pains could be caused by something you ate, etc.

I am getting little pains in my lower abdomen is that normal at 8 weeks pregnant?

yeah its normal just mild cramps ... i had mine all the way along, i am 7 months now. sometimes they can feel like period pains or dull ache, however if its still a worry speak to your midwife at next appointment i am sure she will put your mind at ease!!! hope this helps xxx

Are stomach pains while pregnant the same as period pains?

Contractions feel like menstrual cramps. If you're pregnant and feel like you have menstrual cramps, call your doctor or go to the hospital. I have 4 children myself. There is no better way to describe the onset of labor than it feels like you are getting ready to start your period.

Your boyfriend has been getting hunger pains and you have been feeling nauseous Does this mean that you are pregnant?

Hunger pains? No, nothing you mentioned points toward being pregnant.