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OK if u r 2 shy 2 go up 2 him face-face then write him a note and put it in his locker or in the book hes going 2 use! and if he says no just try again later on in the yr when every1 forgets or u can just forget about him either 1 works!

Or you could try this non cookie-cutter bullcrap.

Well he is the guy so he should be the one asking you out sooo....obviously, ask him if he likes you first. Wont get anywhere if you don't get him to open up.

Second, (if he likes you) ask him to like a movie on Friday that you "really want to see". This might be all you need.

If he says yes then, just do whatever feels right. just don't do anything... creeperish. You will know.

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Q: I'm in he 8th grade and have a giant crush. He knows I like him and I am too shy to ask him out. How do I ask him out and what will I do if he says yes?
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How do you get your sixth grade crush to like you when were in sixth grade?

just be yourself and if they dont like you then, then find someone else, but in grade 6 its fine to just crush on them

How do you know if your 7th grade crush knows you like him and if he likes you back?

You don't really know if he/she likes you unless you write him/her a letter of some sort or something like that.

What do you do when your crush knows you like him?

if your crush knows you like them AND they like you back then you can gradually talk about dating them. if they have said they dont like you back then dont bring it up again

Is it ok to tell your crush that you like him when your in the 7th grade?

Yeah you're old enough to tell your crush that you like him.

My foster carer Tony knows I have crush on him why do he say I was acting like he is my boyfriend?

Because he knows you have a crush on him, and you probably show it more than you realize.

What should i do now that my crush knows i like him?

You should go tell him that you like him

Is there a 100 percent chance that your crush might like you?

Of course not. There is not a 100% chance that your 'crush' even knows you

What if your crush knows you like them?

The world might end. No, but seriously why not just talk to the person? Who knows maybe they like you too.

Your fifth grade crush found out that you like him what should you do?

Why keep admiring from afar? If he knows you like him, go for it! He may just like you back. When talking to him, don't act like anything has changed from when he didn't know. This will make things tense.

It is fine for a sixth grade girl to like a sixth grade boy?

Yes, It's called a crush.

Secret crush in your 5th grade class what should you do?

Talk to your crush and see if they like you if they do tell them that you like them and roll with it , or you can hang out with your secret crush and after a few months later you will find out they like you another thing you could do with your crush is be nice to them then they will like you. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

You are in 6th Grade and you have a crush on a girl in 8th grade what can you do to Talk to her without being scared to?

everyone's scared about talking to their crush. the tricky part is not to show how nervous you are. just tell her something like "i like your shoes" but without being creepy. dont try to push yourself on her, just gradually start talking to her more. if she knows you're nice and mature, she'll talk to you too. and who knows where that could go. :) hope this helps. good luck!