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You can't know. For the person's sake they block you from being in any of their posts ect..

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Q: How you know that someone hide you on facebook?
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Can you hide someone on newsfeed of Twitter like Facebook?

To not receive tweets from someone on your homepage, unfollow them.

When I hide someone on Facebook can they access my profile?

If you hide a use on Facebook, they do not know. You are only hiding all posts by that user on your News Feed, which is a private setting.

What happens when you hide someone on Facebook?

You just need to go to the bottom of your homepage and click edit options. You'll be able to remove the friend from the hide list i did that but only the pages come out

Can someone else delete your post on facebook?

No body can remove your post from facebook..he can hide you post from his wall only.

Do your friends know if you hide them of Facebook?

No, that's what my teachers do. We did not find out until they told us.

How do you know if someone has a facebook account?

Ask them.

Will someone know if you clicked on their facebook picture?


How do you know if someone is a fake on facebook?

You guess

What are the advantages when you hide comments on Facebook?

Hiding comments on Facebook can preserve your privacy and friendships. Online communication is low context, it is easy for someone to misunderstand you, so hiding comments can avoid hurting someone's feelings.

How do you know if someone is online on Facebook?

if there name is on chat

How do you know if someone accepted your request on Facebook?

it tells you

How do you know if someone unfriends you on Facebook?

You are not notified by Facebook when someone unfriend you. No app has been created yet which gives you the unfriend stat.