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Please resubmit your question as it is not clear what you are trying to ask. Thanks.

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Q: How you know that how much is your value?
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How much do you know about African value and tradition?

weak ka ba

What is 6x plus 3?

It's a binomial expression in 'x'.If you want to know its numerical value, you have to know how much 'x' is.Or at least you have to know how much the whole (6x+3) is.

How much is a rooster clock with Kellogg cornflakes picture on it?

I have three of the clocks and do not know the value of them

How much Calorific value per liter of petrol?

LOL.....don't know...!! :P

What is the value of a Roger Staubach card?

i have a staubach card and i want to know how much it is worht

You love someone will i get marry with that boy because my parent are not agree on this?

Only you can really answer this question. How much do you value your family? How much do you value the boy you think you love? How do you know that he loves you?

Small painting by Francois Boucher the La Marotte would like to know more about it And how you can find it's value?

Hi, you could know how much it value going to an art gallery and asking about it.

How much is an 1889 roman numeral V coin worth?

Do you know its nationality and face value?

How much of a bill is needed to receive it's full value?

I dont know 50 yeras

How much would a good sized gold nugget be worth in the 1850s?

we need to know..... the value of gold nuggets found in the goldrush to todays value

How can you help your friends realize their value?

You could let the other individual know how much they mean to you. You should let them know that you trust them. Spending your time with them is another great way of showing the individual their value.

Where can you find how much to list your car for so someone will buy it?

You need to get the blue book value for your vehicle. This provides you with the value of the car depending on make, model, modifications and mileage. Then you will know how much to list it for.