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OK i did that once. He was surprised I just said do you want to go out with me and then my name. don't ever say i love just say i like. He would probably be thrilled nervous or all of the above. Keep it real, simple, non mushy lovey duffey and non cheesey!!

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It depends on the individual, but some common reactions might include feeling flattered, surprised, grateful, or even hesitant. Communication of feelings in person may be preferred by some over written letters.

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Good very good but guys don't usually do that stuff

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Q: How would a guy react to a love letter?
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How do you react if you like a guy?

You should just be calm and react like you would normally to any guy. If it helps, pretend that he's not there, except if he talks to you, then if you don't answer, he would get MAD.

Love letter or love sms what is mor effective on girls?

Definitely the letter. Girls think it is so old fashioned, which makes the guy sound romantic and that they are would go back centuries to be with you.

How would a guy react if he finds out that the girl he's seeing is also seeing another guy?

He would probably drop her.

How can you tell a guy friends you like him?

write a love letter to him then see what is the reaction or at first just ask that if i propose you then what would you do.

How do you love an emo guy?

Like You would love any other guy? xD

How do you react when given a gift from a guy?

You say thanks and react like you really love it even if you don't like it. Remember to say thanks and maybe hug him.

You love this guy how do you tell him?

Well you could write him a love letter and sign your initials on it.

What do you do to confess your love?

I'm in year 7 and there is this guy I am head over heels for but am scared to confess how I feel towards him and how he will react what do I do

Would your good guy friend like it if you wrote a love letter in a foreign language Or would I be coming on too strong to him?

Too strong? Well, it depends if he knows the language.

How do you write a love letter to a girl if you are a girl?

The same way you would write one if you were a guy to a girl, or if you were a girl to a guy. Sex doesn't matter, only the feelings and sincerity you feel them with. I am improving this answer. First, make sure tht she's homosexual too. Then write a letter tht shows how much u love him or her.

How do you get the attention of a guy you love who doesn't love you back?

To get the attention of a guy that you love but he doesn't love you back would be to talk about some things that he likes just to get you started.

What girl will you love to put makeup on this guy?

all girls would love to put make up on any guy