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By a really painful laser. Hurts more than the tattoo. And leaves a scar.

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Q: How soon can tattoos be removed?
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How can one get small tattoos removed?

By Laser is one way to get tattoos removed. It's less painful and erases all of the tattoo. In a single visit available at Zapatat removing or lightening. Occasionally, tiny tattoos can be surgically removed performed by doctors.

Something people get removed from their body?


What percent of people get name tattoos then regret or have it removed?


The highest amount of tattoos being removed?

69, dude.

Can tattoos be clean after it has been done?

No they are permanent but can be removed with laser surgery

How many sara tattoos does undertaker have?

October 2088 Which he is having removed since they are not married any longer

What is somethings that get removed from your body?

Mole Tattoos Teeth Tonsils Warts Hair appendix Gall bladder

Do tattoos stay when you die?

Yes tattoos will stay when you die they are in fact part of your skin. If your family wanted it removed they could do that though Actually, tattoos will stay on your skin until your skin decomposes, or is cremated. The tattoo is actually on the dermis (middle layer) of skin. However if you do regret getting it, it can be removed with laser. However only black ink not colored... The only colour that cannot be removed via laser is white due to the metallic quality of the ink. Reds and greens etc have been successfully removed via lasers. Also I know not of any mortuary or funeral home that would remove tattoos from a deceased person, the process would take too long and cost too much

Can you be forced to get a tattoo removed?

It would depend on what your consider 'force', and who is applying that force. You can be denied employment for tattoos, but that does not force you to remove them.

Is getting tattoos removed painful?

Getting a tattoo removed can be extremely painful ! When you get a tattoo removed it usually just leaves a scar of what the tattoo is, it's almost like getting a scarification tattoo, there is honestly no point in even getting a tattoo removed, you will still have it on your skin.

What does it mean when a guy friend wants you to go with him to an appointment to get his tattoos removed you recently hang out and you made out too?

sounds like he is interested!

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