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No they are permanent but can be removed with laser surgery

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Q: Can tattoos be clean after it has been done?
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Where does Johnny Depp get his tattoos done at?

A tattoo shop in London. Many of Johnny's tattoos have been done by friend Jonathan Shaw, at Fun City Tattoo, NYC, others at the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood.

How did tattoos change history?

Tattoos are a way to change your skin, and that was done 12,000 years b.c.

Where does it not hurt to get a tattoo done?

My tattoo on my wrist didnt really hurt and I've been told shoulder tattoos don't hurt

How many tattoos does ti have?

T.I. does not have any tattoos. He is clean cut. He wears dog tags for his partner, Philant and daughter that died.

How do tattoos make you look?

it all depends on what you get done.

Can tattoos bleed?

yes as they are being done and bit after

What is the meaning of blackwork tattoos?

Blackwork tattoos are tattoos that are done entirely with black ink. These Tattoos have many meanings, most common blackwork tattoos are designs. However since the popularity of blackwork tattoo are is increasing you will find many kinds of tattoos using this method.

Where can you get a good cheap tattoo done in Milwaukee?

good tattoos arent cheap and cheap tattoos arent good.

How many people with black star tattoos are actually gay?

First of all, tattoos have nothing to do with sexual orientation. Second, no surveys are done on gay people and tattoos.

Do black-light tattoos show up in daylight?

Some black-light tattoos show up in daylight. It depends on how your tattoo is done. Some are done to appear as regular tattoos during the day, and then they look different under black light.

How much are letter tattoos?

it all depends on the size, amount of color and where you go to have it done, but they're one of the cheapest tattoos you can get.

Does Scott hartnell have any tattoos?

none at all! hes clean and hot!