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Just tell him straight up (Wait a little until you've been with him for a while, so he's ready for whatever you have to say), but still tell him you don't want to break up. Just keep contact as much as you can. If he really likes you, he won't break up with you.

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Q: How should you tell your boyfriend im moving?
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How should you tell your boyfriend im pregnant?

Call him and meet him up. Sit him down and talk to him.

How should you tell your boyfriend of 6 days that im in love with him?

You shouldn't. Under any circumstances!

Im in love with one of my closest friends but she has a boyfriend and she thinks he may of cheated on her should i tell her how i feel?

if she is happy with her boyfriend then leave her be but if you think that it will benifit her lifestyle or her happieness then tell her

How should i tell my boyfriend im talking to another guy without him thinking that i like him?

just tell ur boyfriend that he is just a friend and that u don't have any feelings for him

Should you tell your girlfriend that im having dreams about your ex-boyfriend?

Yes because she well love you

What should you do you have a very boring boyfriend?

if my boyfriend was boring i would act like he's not im not going to tell him in his face because that's not me im better then that so I''ll just play it off.

Who should you tell that im bi first?

You do not have to tell anyone if you don't want to. If you are happy and enjoying who you are then why tell people. Then again if you want to tell someone then tell your girlfriend or boyfriend for starters.

How do you ask him out?

tell him you know where he lives, tell him you found out by following him home, tell him you need him, tell him you hate him, then say "be my boyfriend?" trust me it worked im now married to my boyfriend!

How do you tell my boyfriend that im falling in love with him?

i ain't gonna tell u'r boyfriend anything, but u should just tell him straight forward. at least don't walk around, never telling him, and shouldn't u be in love before u get together?

Should you kiss your boyfriend in middle school?

if you love im you should

What is the best way to break up with my long term boyfriend as I am moving away?

Tell him that you cant stand him and that he is worthless and you hate his gutts. That is a really easy way and the hard way im not gonna say. :)

Im 12 and want to snog your boyfriend should you?