How should girl kiss a boy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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by just doing it as long as no adults are around and you are sure the girl wants to kiss you back

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a girl should kiss a boy passionately yet subtle. you might want to let the boy kiss you first and then just respond to it because that is how some guys like it.

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Q: How should girl kiss a boy?
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If a girl likes a boy what should you do?

kiss him

Where should a boy kiss a girl to get her into a sexual mood?

when boy is naked

What should you do if the boy you like kiss a other girl because he was told that you kiss a boy but you didn't?

just tell him you didn't kiss another boy.

Does a girl start a kiss?

I am a girl, so I believe the boy should start the kiss. But other guys might think the girl should start the kiss. Personally, I'd want the guy to start it.

What do you do when a girl is on top?

Kind of the same as when she's on the bottom but the girl should absolutely kiss the boy

Where should a 12 year old boy kiss a girl?

Only on the cheek.

What is a wild kiss?

When the girl/boy come at u and kiss you aggressively

When in the relationship should a boy and a girl kiss?

Whenever they feel comfortable kissing eachother.

How do you encorage a girl to kiss a boy?

To encourage a girl to kiss a boy, the girl needs to make eye contact with the boy. Do a little conversation, if they are in a relationship they should be holding hands. Then they should be alright, slowly getting there heads closer and closer, but first watch out for the lips so you can go to the kissing part.

Can a muslim boy kiss mesheya girl?

A Muslim boy can kiss a Muslim girl. I would wait until after your dating.

Can your moshi monster get married?

yes you can if you get a girl with a girl monster or a boy with a boy monster then find a boy or girl monster to kiss with a boy and girl monster to kiss then if you are a girl SAY THE f word then you can get married. I did it and it is so geat.

How do you kiss a girl if you are a boy?

with your lips