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when you asked that question, did you think what you would do if you lesbian? i used to be married to a man ,then we had a divorce and i went with my wife jenny.[ i am a woman by the way.] when we met i asked her if she was lesbian and she said no. i made her lesbian by telling her i really liked her as a girlfriend and then we had sex and made out. Now we have 11 kids. So if you are not lesbian i say, if you have a really close friend that is a girl, then i say ask 4 sex and do it girlfriend! you never know, she might say YES!

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Q: How should a woman approach another women without knowing if she is lesbian?
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Could your friend be a lesbian without knowing?

err...without you knowing or your friend knowing>?? she cant be a lesbian without knowing...attraction comes naturally, she has to know - she can always go to a strip club and check if she gets horny. however she doesnt have to tell you.

What does it mean if you are lesbean?

lesbian means that a girl fancies or loves another girl. Gay means that a boy fancies/ loves another boy. Homosexual means that person loves their own gender. A lesbian is a gay woman.

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You need to approach a girlfriend who has anxiety attacks by bringing up issues that will not trigger anxiety.

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does not matter, it's that you consent to having sex with another person

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How do you tell if another girl knows you're a lesbian?

Well people can know a lot about you without them letting it out. One way they can easily know is by your behavior.

Can you be divorced without knowing anything about it and your spouse is residing in another state?

It is possible to be divorced and never know especially if your spouse is residing in another state.

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A lesbian couple cannot have a baby without one of the women being impregnated by a man.

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Yes, it is possible.