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lesbian means that a girl fancies or loves another girl.

Gay means that a boy fancies/ loves another boy.

Homosexual means that person loves their own gender. A lesbian is a gay woman.

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There is no way to tell if someone is gay bi or lesbian without them telling you, or of course they show you.

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You are on love with another girl

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Q: What does it mean if you are lesbean?
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Is miely Cyrus a lesbean?

yes yes she did it with demi

Then why is she dating Nick Jonas if she is a lesbean?

.....its a coverup lol

What does lesbean mean?

It means when a girl and another girl like each other like man and a women except a women and a women.

Is Emma Watson lesbean?

No! She has a boyfriend named Johnny Simmons

Is Tulisa from n-dubz a lesbean?

no she is straight and she has a boyfriend she has aslo been out with ultra and fazer

What if you are a girl and find feelings for another girl who you rarely talk to Does that make me gay?

Well first off that is not the correct term. A boy that likes another boy is labeled as Gay while a girl that likes another girl is labeled as a lesbean. Now no I wouldn't say that makes you gay or a lesbean. First off it kinda depends what you mean by feelings for. Whenever I see my friends my heart jumps and I get all happy. Does that make me gay? No! I just really like my friends. It depends on HOW you like your friends, in a sexual way? Or do you just like her? And its ok to think she looks pretty to, its just how you think of her. That's what makes you gay or a lesbean. Of course just because you like her in a sexual way (if you do) it doesn't make you a lesbean. You could also still likes guys to, so you'd be Bisexual. It is possible for this to happen. Also if your gay or a lesbean or even bisexual, their is probably a psychiatric reason why. So if you go to, say, a theoropist you may "become" straight.

Is felicity skinner harry styles ex a lesbian?

apperently felicity (harrys ex) is now a lesbean

Is miley lesbean?

no, she is not. however there was a controversy about it back in 2007 when crude photos she took of herself and with other girls leaked onto the internet. miley being a lesbian is a false rumor.

I am a girl how can I tell my best friend I have feeling for her without her being disgusted and falling out with me?

First you have to find out how she feels about homosexuality. Then you have to come out and admit that you are gay. If it turns out that she is also a lesbean then you can open the discussion ot the possibilities from there. However if she is not a lesbian then it is best to just put your feelings for her aside, and go find a lesbian partner. My advice is that you should not try to do this all at once. Rather stage it through asereis of converasations over a period of time; to let her think about things and come up with a reasoned response. Dumping everythign in front of her at once will pretty much ensure the worst possible reaction.

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